• 1 Sep 2020

    September 2020 Featured Content: Human Factors

    This month we feature content focused on human factors. Learn the essentials skills facility managers need, how to have more diverse teams, improve employee well-being and more. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access. Open Access Top 10 Skills Every Facility Manager Needs to Succeed What strengths and skills are employers seeking from facility manager candidates? Here are 10...
    • 3 Aug 2020

    August 2020 Featured Content: Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity

    As facility managers grapple with managing facilities remotely or with reduced resources during the pandemic, we've compiled a collection of resources focused on business continuity best practices. This month's collection offers insight on HVAC and air quality, hygienic cleaning, disaster preparation , and many more topics. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access. Open...
    • 22 Jul 2020

    IFMA Coronavirus Essentials

    IFMA has developed a collection of essential coronavirus resources and education to help you better prepare and manage your facilities and stay informed during the COVID-19 pandemic. For your convenience, we're re-posting all the links here. All resources are free and open to anyone. Open Access IFMA Strategic Framework Guidance document to help facility managers align their re-entry strategy and restart critical...
    • 23 Jun 2020

    July 2020 Featured Content: Finance and Business

    Finance and business is one of the four core areas a facility manager must know to have a solid foundation in FM. This month's collection offers you insight and practical advice on capital planning, financial reporting, budgeting, asset management and more. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access. Open Access 3 Ways to Optimize Your Resources for Growth This paper is a follow...
    • 2 Jun 2020

    June 2020 Featured Content: Real Estate & Property Management

    Place and space matter. FM and CRE collaborate to enhance place and optimize space to maximize efficiencies, achieve business objectives, and drive engagement and performance. That relationship will only grow closer as COVID-19 continues to impact the way we view place and use space. This month’s selection of research, articles and podcasts offers insights into workplace strategy, space management, property aesthetics...
    • 15 May 2020

    Energy Efficiency Resources from the U.S. Department of Energy

    The U.S. Department of Energy has put together two comprehensive toolkits to help HVAC contractors, service companies and organizations build resilience and improve energy efficiency. You can access some of the resources here in the Knowledge Library (links below), and also view the entire toolkits on the U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings website. EFFICIENCY-RESILIENCE NEXUS (toolkit) - The resources found...
    • 7 May 2020

    May 2020 Featured Content: Operations & Maintenance

    Operations & Maintenance is one of the foundational competencies of a facility manager. This collection of O & M content will help you with proactive and preventative maintenance, assessing facility conditions and the benefits of benchmarking. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access. Open Access Developing an Effective Scope of Work for Operations and Service Contracts...
    • 6 Apr 2020

    April 2020 Feature Content: Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

    As we see impacts of climate change alter the experiences in the places we work, live and play, we're confronted with the continual need to enhance the sustainability of our facilities. This is not only a pressing issue but a means by which we can reduce operating costs in our facilities. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access. Open Access New! Adapting to Climate Change...
    • 1 Mar 2020

    March 2020 Content Feature: Technology

    Technology continues to evolve and advance across the built environment, continually reshaping the approach and job responsibilities of facility managers and other facility professionals. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends such as IoT, AI, machine learning and more. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access. Open Access Integrating BIM with FM at NASA LaRC Learn how the U.S...
    • 28 Feb 2020

    Earth Day 2020 - Sustainability Resources

    In support of Earth Day 2020, we've pulled together a collection of sustainability and other environmental stewardship resources. This collection of content provides guidance on establishing, communicating and measuring sustainability programs in your facilities. Celebrate Earth Day with us and make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices for combating climate change and creating more sustainable...
    • 3 Feb 2020

    February 2020 Content Feature: Government Relations

    Now more than ever decisions made by elected officials at National, State and local level are having a significant impact on the business of facility management. Mandates for improved efficiency, incentives for investment in High Performance Building Systems and an increased focus on operations and maintenance means the FM needs to understand what’s required and how to comply. Learn about how IFMA interacts with...
    • 29 Jan 2020

    Health and Safety Resources to Safeguard Against Infection

    *UPDATE: We have compiled a list of useful links and resources to help you better prepare your facilities and protect your occupants. The latest coronavirus resources and information can be found here: IFMA Coronavirus Resource Center The outbreak of a new coronavirus, “2019-nCoV,” is a serious public health threat. Health care professionals and those working in health care facilities have an increased...
    • 21 Jan 2020

    Aramark's 20 Dining Trends for 2020

    Aramark shares 20 interesting dining trends that will impact higher education facilities in 2020. This short slide deck offers you insight on how to make sure your facilities provide the sustainable, convenient, healthy options for students. 20 DINING TRENDS FOR 2020 [SlideShare] For more resources like this, visit https://www.aramark.com/about-us/blog
    • 17 Jan 2020

    Special Feature: Climate Change Report, Fire Safety and Sustainability

    In response to the bushfires in Australia, IFMA is working with other FM associations and the Red Cross to support those in need. As part of that effort, we've complied this collection of helpful resources on climate change impact, sustainability and fire safety. If you have best practices or resources that would be helpful to other members, please share them in our Engage forum. Also, please consider contributing...
    • 8 Jan 2020

    January 2020 Content Feature: Quality

    **UPDATE: Sorry for the technical difficulties with this month's feature. We had some server issues that deleted the monthly feature. They have been resolved and here's the feature on Quality content posted again. Sorry for the trouble. Hope you enjoy this month's content! As a facility manager you need to manage and measure the standards and quality of your facility and service providers. This collection...
    • 3 Dec 2019

    Content Spotlight: IBM space planning and workplace experience

    Learn why space planning and optimization is important for enhancing the workplace, and how to leverage new technology like IoT and AI to execute data-driven space management. This collection of articles, videos and white papers comes from IBM, an IFMA Silver Partner. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access. Open Access IBM Global Real Estate Group Talk Workplace Experience For...
    • 2 Dec 2019

    December 2019 Content Feature: Communication

    Effective communication is a cornerstone of productive business and is key to team and company success. And, with it reported that poor communication costs companies over US$37 billion a year , it is essential that you're up to date on the latest trends and best practices for communicating in the workplace. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access. Open Access The Importance...
    • 4 Nov 2019

    November 2019 Feature Content: Project Management

    Manage your projects easier and more efficiently. Learn how to setup and plan projects, identify project challenges, encourage team alignment, get buy-in and support from leadership and more. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access. Open Access Improving Facilities Work Management Using Statistical Process Control (SPC) Learn how a leadership team acquired standard performance...
    • 2 Oct 2019

    October 2019 Featured Content: Leadership & Strategy

    Brush up on your leadership and strategy skills with this month's featured content. Learn about change management in the workplace, how to enhance the strategic role in FM, how to develop future FM leaders and more. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access. Open Access Workplace Change Management: An Overview People have a natural resistance to change. Despite good business...
    • 26 Sep 2019

    Special Feature: Beginner Resources for New FMs

    By popular request, we've compiled a list of content in the Knowledge Library that is perfect for facility professionals that are new to the industry or just starting out in their career. Learn the skills and best practices you need to be effective in your role. This collection of resources focuses on how-to, best practices and FM policies & procedures. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge...
    • 3 Sep 2019

    September 2019 Featured Content: Human Factors

    Learn practices and tactics to support the performance and goals of your facilities. This month's collection of Knowledge Library content covers everything from workplace etiquette and employee engagement to facility safety and change management techniques. Get insight on how office design affects morale, the skills FMs need to succeed, and much more. Some of the following features require IFMA Member or Knowledge...
    • 15 Aug 2019

    ESUS & IFMA RBI – Climate Change Fundamentals for FM Professionals

    Understand and prepare your facilities for the threat of climate change. Curated from multiple scientific studies, this free report reduces three-thousand pages of scientific evidence to 30 pages of key points that every FM can use immediately. Some of the insights you’ll learn are: How the science can make compelling cases for improvements Why it is important to improve impacts now Understand various...
    • 31 Jul 2019

    August 2019 Featured Content: Emergency Preparedness

    A constant challenge and something that is at the forefront of every great facility manager's mind is how to keep the workplace safe and secure. In addition to the myriad tasks a facility manager must attend to on a daily basis, they must also ensure that their facilities are prepared for the unexpected: natural disasters, violence in the workplace and other things that can disrupt business continuity. To make sure...
    • 1 Jul 2019

    July 2019 featured content: Finance and business

    Your ability to effectively demonstrate and communicate how facility management impacts your organization’s operations, performance and bottom line supports your position as a strategic business partner. Browse this month’s content for insights into improving organizational awareness, leveraging the power of your employees, creating environments that lead to spontaneous connections and conducting a facility...
    • 1 Jun 2019

    June 2019 feature: Real Estate and Property Management

    Gain insight into property management and maintenance practices, sustainable landscaping and more with this month's collection of content focused on the Real Estate and Property Management core competency. Some of the following features may require IFMA Member or Knowledge Pass access levels. How To: Sustainability How-to Guide: Carbon Footprint This guide provides process tools for monitoring building-related...