The Experts’ Assessment Series – Industry insights to help you manage the workplace post-COVID-19

We all have been, and still are, figuring out the long-term ramifications of the global COVID-19 pandemic. As facility professionals, saying you’ve had to adapt would no doubt be an understatement. The pandemic has upended every aspect of our lives including how our facilities are managed and how we maintain business continuity and work in a new normal.

Even when we resume something closer to “business as usual” it will still likely be quite different. We’ll see new ways of working (NWOW), and how we manage that will depend on the knowledge and insights we learn and employ starting now.

This collection of research and videos is built on the industry-leading consensus of over 200+ facility management experts from around the world.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to assess the current challenges and future priorities to help you and your organization prepare for a new, future status quo
  • How to prepare for the future by harvesting and analyzing the insights of industry-leading subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Industry-leading subject matter experts’ (SMEs) perspectives on 24 key questions to help you make more informed, effective decisions

Videos & Webinars

The Experts’ Assessment, Episode 1 – Introduction to The Expert Assessment: The future workplace post-COVID-19” where IFMA and Nordic Foresight will present first findings from the study.

Europe Recording

North American Recording

The Experts’ Assessment, Episode 2 – How COVID-19 has reshaped Facilities in Demand and provide actionable insight as to how you can best prepare for changes when returning to the new normal.

Watch on YouTube

The Experts’ Assessment, Episode 3 – Pandemic Pandemonium – Business leaders stretch to re-imagine strategies for achieving business goals and inspiring people.

Live Stream, November 11, 10:30a.m. CST

Watch here:

Experts’ Assessment YouTube Playlist
Follow along with the series as we live stream new takes and insights from the experts, covering a host of topics such as workplace, business strategy, employee motivation and more.

Reports & Resources

The Experts’ Assessment Research
Industry insights and best practices built on consensus collected from hundreds of thought leaders and FM experts from around the globe teaching you on how to best manage the workplace in a post-COVID world.

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IFMA Coronavirus Resource Center
Download the Experts' Assessment slide decks and get access to articles, signage, templates, videos and other tools to help you better manage your facilities during and after the pandemic.