October 2021 Feature: Leadership and Strategy

Facility managers must be able to align the facility portfolio with the demand organization’s missions and available resources and be innovative to move forward with their staff and processes to respond to ever-changing requirements. They must lead the facility organization by providing guidance to staff and service providers, and they must influence the decisions and attitudes of the demand organization’s leaders as well as that of occupants, government officials, suppliers, community leaders and business partners. This collection takes you through some practical advice and approaches to make you a more strategic, effective leader.

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How to Surf Chaos...Instead of Drowning in It
Chaos and change are a part of our lives. In the FM community, we face quite a bit of it every day. We can either choose to flail about or drown in the chaos, or we can learn to surf the big waves that keep coming at us. If you have the sense like you are “never caught up” or you are overwhelmed or worse yet, you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about work, then you need surfing lessons. This is not a Zen, philosophical approach. This is a practical nuts and bolts training to give you the skills you need to embrace chaos.

Leading the way to IFMA’s Future: How You can Become an FM/IFMA Leader
A recent Georgetown University report predicts that 31 million jobs will become available as baby boomers retire, and another 24 million new jobs will be available by 2020. This huge shift requires that organizations, including IFMA and its components, prepare for these changes. Honing leadership and team-building skills, as well as understanding the need for and how to develop succession plans, will be the focus of this interactive presentation.

Transformers: The Age of FM
This paper looks at business transformation and how Facility Managers can play key roles in executing on transformational initiatives. Comparison with the media phenomenon of Transformers is used as a springboard for the exploration, but the major emphasis is on understanding the difference between transformation and change.

Strategic Advisor: Intelligent Benchmarking Process
A 10 step benchmarking process outlining how benchmarking practices can be used to target problem areas, identify solutions and implement changes for improved results.

How to Move from Good to GREAT as a Leader: Examples from Within IFMA
Leadership skills are a big focus within any profession; but when you are a volunteer leader, there’s no formal training, so you bring your gifts to the position you hold. From emerging leaders to experienced board chairs, IFMA has many examples of approachable leaders who serve as role models and living examples of quality leadership traits. This white paper describes six IFMA leaders who are known as “great” by any standard.

Ep. 49: Workplace Experience and Elevating FM - Part 1
Peter Ankerstjerne is CMO at ISS A/S, a leading global provider of facility services. Peter shares with Mike Petrusky about where the FM market is heading and how ISS hopes to be an industry thought-leader that inspires us to elevate the profession by delivering workplace strategies that meet the workplace experience agenda.

How to Secure Your FM Career
Specific suggestions are given for creating a career development strategy in the field of FM are enumerated.

Redefining the Executive View of Facility Management (FM) - Chinese Translation
The executive view of facility management continues to evolve as the industry itself shifts and adapts to new influences, technologies and challenges. These shifts take many forms, and ultimately, have an effect on the perception of FM by the C-suite and the industry’s success in positioning itself as a valued strategic partner to the business.

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Redefining FM Education: Preparing the Next Generation of FM Leaders
Discussion of the organizational and leadership components central to the future of the FM profession, uncovering interpersonal and strategic skill gaps in FM-oriented academic programs such as collaboration, delegation and strategy formulation.

Leadership for FM
The presentation explores various elements of leadership and how they apply for FMs seeking to improve employee engagement.

Forces Driving the Need for Change
This presentation explores the functional, expressive, and motivational needs of leaders and the application in the FM field.

Making the Change Process Predictable
Guiding organizations through major change doesn’t have to be a scary and unpredictable process for the end users and their management. Richard Fanelli and Jennifer Olson with take the audience on a step by step journey of a process that can be applied to most any organization which is searching for a better way of shaping their future facilities and organizational culture to meet new demands and remain competitive in their industry.

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Exploring the Current Trends and Future Outlook for Facility Management
A study of internally, externally, and organizationally-driven trends, serving as a forecast of competitive FM skill sets, anticipated FM issues, and positional strategy for evolutionary industries.

Take The Lead! Create A Training Program To Meet the Future Needs of a Diverse Workforce
Wouldn’t it be great if there were resources to guide you through your FM workforce development program? What if the government and industry could work together on required competencies and training? This session will answer those questions and show you how to build an effective training plan. There are several FM workforce challenges: a workforce that crosses four generations, increasing technology skill requirements, and a culturally diverse workforce. To answer the needs of one of the most diverse workforces, the State Department has developed a comprehensive training.


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