October 2020 Featured Content: Leadership and Strategy

October's featured topic of the month is Leadership & Strategy--a core pillar of facility management expertise. This collection explores the topics of change management, training a new generation of FMs, employee engagement, networking, and more.

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Charting a Path Toward IFMA Accreditation in Universities
This paper outlines the steps of various universities as they guide their FM-related programs toward accomplishing the key goals of filling market demand for FM employees, as well as accomplishing the highest level of IFMA certifying accreditation.

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Change Your Approach to Managing Change
Discussion of strategic elements to utilize when leading a successful change initiative: accurate assessment, combined with well-managed perceptions and expectations, supported by knowledgeable resources and measured by clear performance objectives.

Ep. 37: Make Your Employees Fall in Love with Your Workplace and Dramatically Impact Your Bottom Line
Mike and Rebecca talk about how facility management and corporate real estate professionals can collaborate with HR and IT to use technology and have an impact on workplace expenses using JLL's "3-30-300 rule" as a guide. They also discuss how the iOFFICE platform helps deliver on the promise of enhancing the employee experience by leveraging data from your existing tech stack.

Investigating the Facility Management Professional Shortage
Survey-based research on the importance of creating accredited degree programs that focus on identification of FM recruiting pipelines and training for a new generation of FM professionals with advanced business knowledge and technical skills.

Raising the Bar: Enhancing the Strategic Role of FM
A study on FM strategy, examining ways FMs can manage infrastructure functions in “shared enterprise support” teams by aligning real estate and facilities services with business imperatives, operational capabilities and organizational performance.

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Change Management is Out: Personal Leadership is In!
A review of traditional approaches to change management and a proposal for a new, personal leadership that champions a whole person approach creating empathic relations with colleagues through a willingness to understand one’s self first.

Facility Management Leadership for the 21st Century
A brief overview of the evolving FM world, addressing FM leadership practices and development, and predicted challenges of the FM professional.

Leadership for FM
The presentation explores various elements of leadership and how they apply for FMs seeking to improve employee engagement.

Leading Change: A Core Competency for Facility Managers
As the FM world experiences constant flux, organizational (cultural/behavioral) change becomes a crucial and challenging transformation to design and lead. Manage basic resistance by employing these tested and inclusive change management processes.

Personality Poker: How to Lead With Your Strong Suit
A leadership and strategy model for assessing your professional relationships in order to define your relational strengths and identify opportunities for genuine networking.

Six Critical Factors for Facilities
The presentation examines the needs and areas for aligning business plans to facility management plans, steps on achieving the alignment, and strategies for gaining C-suite buy-in and support for the plans.

IFMA Global Virtual 2020 Opening Keynote: Jessica Rector
Best-selling author Jessica Rector presents: "Fire Up So You Don't Burnout: How to Prevent, Break Through, and Extinguish Burnout, Stress and Overwhelm"

  • Examine Jessica's Burnout Success Formula and learn how burnout affects your work and life
  • Apply proven overwhelm strategies to enhance engagement, focus and productivity
  • Identify and pinpoint your biggest burnout moments to prevent future stress and improve your health
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Exploring the Current Trends and Future Outlook for Facility Management
A study of internally, externally, and organizationally-driven trends, serving as a forecast of competitive FM skill sets, anticipated FM issues, and positional strategy for evolutionary industries.


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