November 2021 Feature: Manage Your Projects and Teams More Efficiently and Mitigate Financial Risks

Facility managers are assigned a myriad of projects, all varying in size, scope, complexity and duration, and usually, come with inherent financial risks. The savvy FM ensures effective project planning, design, execution, and delivery to positively impact the organization's bottom line. Use this month's collection of resources to help you implement project management best practices, avoid common project pitfalls, and improve project collaboration.

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A Model for the Creation of Shared Assumptions
Analysis of the Best Value Business Model (BVM) as a tool to align organizational culture differences, providing a structured planning and meeting phase to help all parties develop common performance expectations in accord with the project vision.

Project Plan Template for Re-entry to Facility after COVID-19
"This Excel download is a template developed as a supplement to IFMA's Strategic Re-Entry Framework. It is intended to get you started as you plan for re-entering your facilities in response to quarantine and ""stay-at-home"" mandates being lifted. There is no ""one size fits all"" in facility management. As a result, this is not a comprehensive plan and is only intended to provide you with high-level, common functions as a reference to assist with your planning process.

Empowering People to Shape Their Place Through the Integrative Process
The importance of the integrative process has been elevated by IFMA and other related industry organizations. The integrative process seeks to broaden knowledge transfer and innovation through the participation of diverse stakeholders — because people design and occupy buildings. The desired outcome of the process is a high-performing building for the long term.

Creating Environments for Successful Interaction
Results of a research project on promotion and enhancement of interaction in the workplace through field study of offices of five diverse organizations, concluding that successful interaction is dependent upon physical and organizational factors.

Creating Environments for Successful Interaction
Learn how to hire a LEED consultant to manage the LEED process in a sustainable facility that works for your mission, goals and unique circumstances. Defining candidate characteristics include relevant credentials, strategic thinking, and culture fit.

A Critical Review of Value Management and Whole-life Costing on Construction Projects
This paper captures the range of conflicting assumptions on the theory and practice of value management (VM) and life cycle cost (LCC). Based on extensive literature review, the research demonstrates how VM and LCC embed into the wider context of FM.

Putting the "P" in FM: Project Management for the FM Professional
Research to establish and reinforce the correlation between FM and Project Management (PM), outlining ways PM best practices can be implemented in the FM field and suggesting methods by which PM can be better optimized using FM practices.

Developing Projects in a Vacuum Sucks
Identification of major project challenges and advice to create an open environment for increased collaboration with end users and subject matter experts, thus minimizing risk in project management scenarios.

The Amazing Impact of Performance Metrics on FM Project Portfolios
Performance metrics have a profound impact – they create transparency, drive behaviors, and foster positive accountability among internal teams and outsourced vendors. When properly used, Performance Metrics will minimize bureaucracy, break down silos, increase trust, and minimize stress.

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Value Engineering: A Powerful Team Approach to Save Money and Improve Facility Performance
Manage change and increase savings by using the value engineering method to analyze operations and program projects. This study explains cost/benefit analyses and a six-phase value engineering job plan for systematic project management.

Sell Your Projects with CFO Jargon
Learn how to develop meaningful facility-related ratios to measure performance; justify your projects using finance terminology and CFO- speak; and explain how facility management impacts the agency’s finances.

The Recipe for a Perfect Project It's All in the Planning
An overview of process variables for interior fit-out projects, briefly addressing owner responsibilities, project team composition, due diligence and detail programming requirements, contracting delivery methodology and project coordination.

How FMs Can Change the Project Management in Organizations
In today’s increasingly competitive environment, organizations have an objective of cutting costs that take precedence over receiving greater value from the work of professionals. This approach results in higher stress levels, unmeasured performance, resistance to change, and a movement of outsourcing to ensure the lowering of costs. A new project management approach has been discovered and tested over the last ten years by FMs. It identifies and utilizes expertise, increases the expertise of the vendor, and minimizes the need for the FM professional to manage and direct the vendor.

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Facilities Projects Manager: Job Description
This template provides you with the job description and qualifications for a Facilities Project Manager position.

The Struggle with Projects and Work Orders
Solving facility management challenges in public agencies and universities is easier through incremental change. Bring positive change through a robust standardized definition and more efficient request routing.

Super-Charged Project Planning and Partnering
This piece identifies key elements of partnering that are proven to influence project success. Practical examples from a variety of design, construction, and maintenance projects will also be shared. Learn specific tools and techniques for partnering in the real world that can be used to super charge your next project kick-off meeting!


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