November 2020 Featured Content: Project Management

Project management is an essential skill facility managers need to be effective. This collection of content aims to help you better plan, initiate and execute your projects, so you can increase efficiency, team performance and improve your overall ROI.

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Innovative Procurement and Partnerships in FM
Case study from the Nordic countries in Europe showed that outstanding examples of innovation in FM were initiated from the demand side and involved new forms of procurement with long-term contracts. This paper considers two examples from Denmark.

Project Plan Template for Re-entry to Facility after COVID-19
This Excel download is a template developed as a supplement to IFMA's Strategic Re-Entry Framework. It is intended to get you started as you plan for re-entering your facilities in response to quarantine and "stay-at-home" mandates being lifted. There is no "one size fits all" in facility management. As a result, this is not a comprehensive plan and is only intended to provide you with high-level, common functions as a reference to assist with your planning process. As a generic document, all information will not apply. The format is designed to be flexible, allowing you to make the necessary changes to fit the needs of your situation. As feedback is received, this plan will be updated.

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Putting the "P" in FM: Project Management for the FM Professional
Research to establish and reinforce the correlation between FM and Project Management (PM), outlining ways PM best practices can be implemented in the FM field and suggesting methods by which PM can be better optimized using FM practices.

Creating Environments for Successful Interaction
Results of a research project on promotion and enhancement of interaction in the workplace through field study of offices of five diverse organizations, concluding that successful interaction is dependent upon physical and organizational factors.

Ep. 34: FM Teamwork in the Caribbean | Tyrel Melville, FMP - Scotiabank
Tyrel Melville, FMP is the Senior Regional Manager, Real Estate & Facilities, Caribbean South Hub for Scotiabank. He is passionate about inspiring his fellow FM practitioners, building effective teams, and working with industry-partners to meet the needs of the workplace throughout a portfolio that crosses the borders and cultures of a dozen Caribbean countries. Mike Petrusky asks Tyrel to share a bit about his journey and passion for sharing FM inspiration with "Smart Start Facility".

It's Not Rocket Science: How to Achieve an Immediate ROI for Efficiency Improvement Projects with the PACE Program
With 95% of companies requiring an ROI within 7 years or less, it is no wonder why Facility and Operation Managers are challenged with making capital investments into efficiency improvement, water conservation, and renewable energy solutions beyond lighting and other “low hanging fruit”. In fact, 98% of these types projects go unfunded and operations remain "status quo". Now, Facility and Operation Managers have a new tool to achieve these goals, it is the Property Assessed Clean Energy program.

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An Overview of Relocation Project Management from Beginning to End (Webinar)
The process of developing a comprehensive relocation project plan and management strategies for the various elements of it are discussed.

Relocation Project Management
A comprehensive relocation project management methodology that identifies the company objective for the project, project goals/objectives, and an understanding that relocation doesn’t just move the company, but also the company’s business and people.

The Recipe for a Perfect Project It's All in the Planning
An overview of process variables for interior fit-out projects, briefly addressing owner responsibilities, project team composition, due diligence and detail programming requirements, contracting delivery methodology and project coordination.

Project Programming: The Basis of Good Design and Best Value for Your Facility Investment
Learn how to define project requirements, practice value engineering, optimize facility design, and ensure customer satisfaction through project programming, a problem identification and analysis process.

Effective Project Leadership: You Are Not the Project
You are not the project and nine other Project Management tips for effective project management. During this session ten tips you may not have learned in traditional PM courses but wish you would have. Jeff Bonk, project delivery supervisor at Michigan State University, will share tips and tricks to managing a successful project from an owners perspective. Tips will be around behavioral competencies that are critical to project success.

How FMs Can Change the Project Management in Organizations
Organizations have culture and legacy approval procedures that resist change. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, organizations have an objective of cutting costs that take precedence over receiving greater value from the work of professionals. This approach results in higher stress levels, unmeasured performance, resistance to change, and a movement of outsourcing to ensure the lowering of costs. A new project management approach has been discovered and tested over the last ten years by FMs. It identifies and utilizes expertise, increases the expertise of the vendor, and minimizes the need for the FM professional to manage and direct the vendor.

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Facilities Projects Manager: Job Description
This template provides you with the job description and qualifications for a Facilities Project Manager position.

Super-Charged Project Planning and Partnering
Project partnering workshops and kick-off meetings can be extremely valuable. Yet, over time, they have become more routine and are often viewed as merely contractual “box-checking” exercises. This piece identifies key elements of partnering that are proven to influence project success. Practical examples from a variety of design, construction, and maintenance projects will also be shared. Learn specific tools and techniques for partnering in the real world that can be used to super charge your next project kick-off meeting!


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