May 2020 Featured Content: Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance is one of the foundational competencies of a facility manager. This collection of O & M content will help you with proactive and preventative maintenance, assessing facility conditions and the benefits of benchmarking.

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Developing an Effective Scope of Work for Operations and Service Contracts
This presentation examines challenges FMs face in preparing a Scope of Work, the “Silver Bullet” of Scope Development, operationally-focused procurement tools, and how to become a client of choice for vendors.

Proactive Maintenance Strategies for Operational Value
Preventative (PM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) programs are central to success and a critical element of effective asset management. A formal program helps ensure the appropriate proactive maintenance strategy is identified, scheduled and executed for each asset.

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The Impact of Underfunding Preventative Maintenance on Total Cost of Ownership
In an environment of limited resources, saving money is a fundamental and constant focus for corporate real estate occupiers and owners. Our latest study helps you answer the question, “How will underfunding your preventative maintenance program impact your total cost of ownership?” for your portfolio.

Supplemental Presentation: The Impact of Underfunding Preventative Maintenance on Total Cost of Ownership - [Presentation]

What’s next in operational excellence: Using data to elevate your maintenance roadmap
In this session, you'll learn how to continue to advance your maintenance strategies - using data to better align maintenance to individual assets' criticality and location and how to move into predictive maintenance across your portfolio.

Construction Tips to Reduce Operating and Maintenance Costs
In renovation and construction projects, FMs can provide low/no cost suggestions that can drastically reduce operating and maintenance costs, and minimize impact on the comfort and productivity of the occupants.

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The How and Why of Benchmarking
While benchmarking is a well-established strategy that organizations have been using to manage performance for almost four decades, the field of facility management has only started using benchmarking in the last 20 years. Operations and Maintenance Benchmarking for services such as janitorial, maintenance, staffing levels, and more help facility managers identify opportunities for improvement and build a better business case. This webinar will give attendees three simple TOOLS that they can use to start (or improve!) their organization’s path towards a measured FM organization. Actual results and analysis will be highlighted from IFMA’s own benchmarking studies.

Operations and Maintenance Benchmarks: A Qualitative Analysis of Facility Practices
Qualitative Analysis Benchmarking Report is a comprehensive study that presents the results of the latest Operations and Maintenance benchmarking survey of facility managers throughout the United States and Canada. This report provides additional information on the facilities surveyed in sustainability and energy management practices and regulations, maintenance planning and management, technology use and practices, and benchmarking and organizational culture. This Qualitative Analysis of Facility Practices provides data on practices and tools being used in the quality management of facility services. This report supplements the previous report by providing a greater in-depth analysis of practices affecting financial metrics.

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance: Common Problems, Practical Solutions
Reduce false alarms and service calls by developing an understanding of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM) programs, records keeping practices, and fire systems maintenance.

Taking BIM to the Next Level: Operations
When owners turn building information modeling (BIM) data over to health care facility managers with the guidance to “use BIM,” they are often left wondering how to apply the overwhelming data with which they’re presented. This article presents health care FMs with a place to start reaping the benefits of BIM data for the full building life cycle.

Using BIM to Transform Health Care Operations and Maintenance
This white paper presents health care facility managers with the potential benefits building information modeling (BIM) can provide in improving operation and maintenance procedures. It provides examples of how BIM data is being used by health systems to reap cost and time savings, improve space and asset management, and better meet standards.

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Buying Roofing Systems - Learn Industry Best Practices That Provide Value
Review of industry best practices in purchasing roofing systems. Review request for proposal process and outcomes.

How Technology can Enhance Asset Management Processes to Deliver Significant Cost Savings
Effective asset management is critical to minimizing costs and maximizing efficiencies within your FM department and your organization. Taking advantage of a good CAFM system enables you to implement an effective maintenance management strategy, which will improve the condition of your assets, minimize risk of breakdown and elongate lifespan. This white paper looks at three important FM strategies to help you to save costs and increase profitability: Asset value maximization, asset tracking and technology exploitation.


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