March 2022 Content Feature: Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

As the climate crisis continues to affect the built environment, and our way of life, we must continue to find operational efficiencies like reducing energy consumption and embracing IoT and other intelligent building technologies. This collection focuses on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

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IntenCity, a new net-zero energy Building of the Future
IntenCity, Schneider Electric’s new net-zero energy Building of the Future in Grenoble, France is a showcase for the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Partnering to Shape the Buildings of the Future
AECOM creates iconic buildings around the world — and Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure architecture and platform helps make these Buildings of the Future hyper-efficient, people-centric, and sustainable.

Sustainability Checklist for Manufacturers
Manufacturing facilities that want to improve their sustainability efforts should partner with a national, full-service provider. Check out this list of items to look for in a potential recycling & waste provider.

Adapting to Climate Change for FM Professionals
This report provides resources to assist Facility Managers in reducing vulnerability to the effects of climate change for the organizations they support. The report identifies ways that Facility Management can gain support to implement needed adaptations due to climate change and provides links to additional referenced resources.

The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy
Reasons and benefits of using solar energy to meet organizational sustainability goals and have a lasting, positive impact on the environments.

Handprints Over Footprints, Combining Social Impact with Environmental Stewardship to Create Net-Positive Enterprise
"Define what a handprint is and why handprints are important? Learn how individuals and corporations can create handprints. Explore applications and results of hand printing."

How sustainability can differentiate your brand and increase commercial building value
As the world economy recovers from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, building owners and operators are facing a range of new challenges. This post will discuss how making your buildings more sustainable can help you meet these challenges by strengthening your brand.

10 Actions Your Facility Can Take Toward a Blue Planet
Infographic with 10 simple tips on how to improve a facility's sustainability and recycling efforts. Includes links to additional resources where facility print outs and guides can be downloaded for free.

50 Greener Shades: The March to Sustainability
Feeling pressure to engage in sustainable practices? Motivated to do something but not sure where to start? Trying to please everyone with limited funds? Feeling a bit guilty that you can’t substantially influence the future environment? Well, you’re not at all alone. This is the world that most Facility Managers live in. We will explore an array of options that can be undertaken to either initiate or strengthen programs in reducing energy, water and waste streams along with some newer areas such as healthier materials used in our workplaces.

An Introduction to Sustainability in Food Service
Learn about aspects of sustainability in the food service industry and review recommendations for tracking, measurement and continued monitoring of sustainability endeavors.

Sustainable Facility Management
Advice from expert FMs on evaluating the sustainability of existing facilities, development of sustainable strategy for incorporating sustainability into building operations, and steps for linking goals to objectives for successful implementation.

Sustainability How-to Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to Waste Stream Management
This guide presents a multifaceted approach to waste reduction that entails both resource and waste stream management. Life cycle assessment is discussed along with environmentally preferred purchasing programs and cost-efficient disposal methods.

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Sustainable Manufacturing
An overview of sustainable manufacturing practices and concepts, including lean manufacturing and the helix of sustainability, a total systems approach to manufacturing with sustainable materials, particularly biopolymers and bio-composites.

Trendsetting California Sustainable Design Legislation: What All FM Leaders Need to Know
Published in 2009, this white paper addresses how California sustainable design legislation could change the way facilities would be designed and operated. Did these state-wide regulatory requirements become a blueprint for sound decisions and operations today?

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The Savings and Incentives for Choosing Solar Energy in 2021
Facility managers around the U.S are running out of time to maximize the financial benefit that is the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Many are not aware of how this tax credit policy works to their advantage. Given that this tax mechanism is largely responsible for the 10,000% growth of the solar marketplace since its inception, it’s certainly worth a closer look so you can understand how to leverage its unique benefits.


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