June 2020 Featured Content: Real Estate & Property Management

Place and space matter. FM and CRE collaborate to enhance place and optimize space to maximize efficiencies, achieve business objectives, and drive engagement and performance. That relationship will only grow closer as COVID-19 continues to impact the way we view place and use space. This month’s selection of research, articles and podcasts offers insights into workplace strategy, space management, property aesthetics and organizational culture to help you address the changing role of the workplace.

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IBM Global Real Estate Group Talk Workplace Experience
For today's RE and FM professionals, it's about winning the hearts and minds of employees by delivering the right space and the best experience in 78M sq. ft, for 350M employees.

IBM Global Real Estate Group Talk Space Planning and Occupancy
For today's RE and FM professionals, it's no longer about mops and buckets, it's about using technology and data to effectively manage your space.

Women in the Real Estate Industry
This article explores how younger, female graduates working as real estate managers and CEOs construct what the study refers to as “femininities,” and create a career in organizations that some argue are dominated by males.

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Increasing Your Property's Curb Appeal
Collaborate with a landscape contractor for proper commercial property landscaping that attracts and retains tenants. Well-planned landscaping achieves aesthetic and functional benefits like unified design, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

Ep. 2: Workplace Experience Strategies and Real Estate Decision-Making with Adam Stoltz
"Adam Stoltz is Managing Director, Workplace Experience & Strategy at Transwestern where he uses social science data to inform workplace strategy and real estate decision-making. Mike Petrusky asks Adam about how organizations can plan to use their space to best meet the needs of the occupants of their facilities. While using data to help drive and inform better decision-making about how space is used, Adam helps us understand why we have office space, where it should be, and how workplace leaders can help their organizations perform better.

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Move over Millenials...Gen Z has Arrived: Generational Relevance in Corporate Real Estate
Through data, trends and metrics, this presentation will address such areas as technology, transportation, uses and new building typologies, and the impact this new generation will have on evolving cultural and social norms that inform tomorrow’s environments of choice. We present trends in Gen Z’s world view we believe translate into five foci for design and decision making, and the features behind them. We will address the trends and foci at the scale of the city (urban/urbanizing suburb), architecture (buildings) and the workplace environments to discover how this emerging population may influence today’s real estate strategies and tomorrow’s value propositions in corporate real estate.

Transformational Time Machine: Accelerating Your Real Estate
In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, companies are making investments in new and innovative workplace strategies to position themselves at the forefront of their industries. To keep up with changing demands, Unum, the nations’ largest disability insurer, teamed with Gensler, global design firm, to take an in-depth and holistic look at their workplace portfolio to understand how people are working today.

Value Creation and the Contribution of Corporate Real Estate
Articulate corporate real estate (CRE) value contribution by mapping enterprise value to identify links between real estate activities and specific financial drivers, thus recognizing ways the CRE function may contribute to enhanced decision-making.

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Real Estate Yoga: Agility in Real Estate Planning isn't a Huge Stretch
Workplace analytics are crucial to optimizing commercial real estate (CRE). Trends, forecasting, and projections are critical tools that help companies adapt to changing business demands. The key is understanding the constant evolution of the workplace and how analytics can optimize every square foot.

IBM Global Real Estate Group Talks TRIRIGA, data and how to win hearts and minds
For today's RE and FM professionals, it's no longer about brick and mortar, or mops and buckets. It's about using technology, understanding the data and winning the hearts and minds of employees.


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