July 2020 Featured Content: Finance and Business

Finance and business is one of the four core areas a facility manager must know to have a solid foundation in FM. This month's collection offers you insight and practical advice on capital planning, financial reporting, budgeting, asset management and more.

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Resources for Growth
This paper is a follow-up to the research entitled, “A Method to Benchmark Swiss Hospital Catering” by Hofer, Honegger and Züger (2013). Based on the method developed by the study, this paper presents benchmarking results from 39 Swiss hospitals.

Catering Benchmark of Swiss Hospitals: Continued Research
This white paper focuses on three ways in which a growing business, or business looking to increase profitability, can get more for their money. The three ways highlight leveraging the power of your people, making your brand matter and the importance of not trying to do everything yourself.

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A Method to Benchmark Swiss Hospital Catering
Qualitative research addressing how FM costs emerge and are justified in Swiss hospitals, informing the development of a benchmarking method for Swiss hospital catering, and providing FMs with argumentation aids on efficacy and efficiency issues.

One Big Thing: Single Source of Truth Asset Management
Management need to be aware of the importance and educated on the benefits of implementing asset management. As performance is key, are your assets performing as intended, are they fit for purpose? Spending the available funds wisely, efficiently and aligned with the requirements of the business is vital.

Condition Assessment: Requisite to Informed Capital Planning
Explains the three essential elements of condition assessment: inspection, assessment and estimation. Teaches a methodical approach to condition assessment and answers questions foundational to informed capital planning and a fourfold stratagem for condition assessment - physicality, performance, probability and productivity.

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Finance Issues in Operations and Maintenance
This webinar offers targeted advice on the financial component of managing the infrastructure that makes the built environment useful and productive, including maintenance and operational management that affects total cost of ownership and portfolio management.

Dealing with Budget Crisis and Aging Facilities
The presentation enumerates methods for overcoming the barriers to funding critical facility needs and funding options available to FMs.

Six steps for effective Capital Planning
The most effective capital planning starts with a comprehensive understanding of your current infrastructure. And that understanding starts with a thorough facility condition assessment (FCA) – one that evaluates spaces, building systems and assets across the entire enterprise.

Capital Budgets How to Present a Comprehensive Capital Budget and become a Rock Star to Your Senior Management
This class will help Facility Managers develop a comprehensive capital budget to present to senior management by using data collected as well as creating a facility condition index and drilling down into life cycle costing to prioritize what improvements will reduce the overall operating budget. A review of how to present a business case is also included.

2018 Global Facilities Management Market Report
Trend data on the global facilities management market. This report includes regional and transformation trends of FM, insights on the future of FM, megatrends impacting FM and more.

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Get the Supplier You Deserve
Facility Managers rely on service providers to be successful. When they fail, you fail and you don’t have the luxury of blaming others – your organization will hold you accountable. And you only have so many tool and so much time to manage supplier performance after they are procured. This piece busts the myths of procurement and helps you shift the balance from being simply a transaction driven by procurement to becoming an enabler for your success.

Grabbing the Attention of the CFO: Finance for Dummies
Do you know how to grab the attention of your CEO or CFO so that they will approve your projects? Do all of those analyses that they request for your projects overwhelm and confuse you? This presentation will discuss the easier budgeting tools and then delve into the mysterious world of Life Cycle Costing and Total Cost of Ownership and demonstrate simple capital budget analysis of payback and return on investment.


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