January 2021 Content Feature: Quality

Happy New Year! And to kick this year off right, we're featuring content discussing Performance & Quality. This is an important competency facility managers need in order to understand and document stakeholder needs and expectations of their facility and its needs. This collection of content will help you better understand how to measure the performance of your facility organization, make ongoing improvements to your facility, and improve performance and quality management.

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Workplace Quality Assessment: A Guide to Office Building Quality
Offices must be simple and flexible to empower employees, not hinder them. To maintain engagement, companies must prioritize their workspace. By applying simplicity to every level of the process, employers can more efficiently meet the needs of their teams, while supporting a more productive workforce.

Defining High-Performance Buildings for Operations and Maintenance
This research synthesizes literature about high-performance buildings with a focus on O&M, concluding that systems-thinking (for both building systems and organizational systems) is necessary for successful high-performance building operation.

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Evaluating the Value: IFMA Facility Management Credentials
Entry into the facility management profession is largely undefined and a function of experience, with many professionals seeking to supplement their experience with credentials and continuing education to prepare them for a career in the FM profession. Two online, international surveys of FM professionals and FM organizations were conducted to better understand and evaluate the impact and value of FM credentials to the industry and its participants.

Big Data in the Workplace: Can It Enhance Employee Productivity and Quality of Life?
How can FM leverage data already being captured to raise the bar on employee productivity, engagement, and quality of life? What additional data could take FM to the next level of relevance and enhanced organizational performance? How can FM leaders ensure that the data they capture is used appropriately and responsibly? IFMA and Sodexo collaborated to sponsor and host a Future of Work Roundtable conversation on the challenges and opportunities surrounding these questions at IFMA's 2015 Facility Fusion U.S. Conference and Expo. The results are published here as a part of the Sodexo 2016 Workplace Trends Report.

Performance-based FM: An Integrated Approach
This research presents an integrated FM model for health care facilities through a case study. The proposed Integrated Health Care Facility Management Model (IHFMM) addresses three core fields of FM: maintenance, performance and risk.

Maintaining the Quality of Constructed Facilities Using the Performance Information Measurement System
This study focuses on implementing a measurement system through visual inspection to identify the performance of installed sprayed polyurethane foam roofs (94 roofs) by high performing contractors over a period of three years in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Zoning in on Performance
Review the six performance-based specifications for evaluating a sound masking system: adjustment zone size, masking sound generation, volume adjustment, frequency adjustment, loudspeaker requirements, and measured results.

Indoor Environmental Quality: Designing Healthier Interiors
Review of the main causes for poor indoor environmental quality (flaws in HVAC systems, cleaning chemicals and material off-gassing), the ever-changing science of material off-gassing (VOC emissions), and the need for additional solutions research.

Intelligent Benchmarking and Beyond
Learn more about why intelligent benchmarking is an important quality management practice for organizational improvement. Use this leading practice checklist to identify problematic areas, target solutions, and implement changes for better results.

Better Than Financial Metrics: The Importance of Environmental Performance Metrics
Effective environmental performance measurement proves organizational environmental responsibility, but also points to actions that can further enhance environmental performance while simultaneously improving operational and capital performance.

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Ten Success Factors in an FM Technology Implementation
Building on the existing focal points of facilities projects (budget, schedule, and quality performance), an industry expert outlines ten success factors of FM technology implementation.

Best Practices for Dealing with Mold, Indoor Air Quality, and Asbestos
An overview presented by an industry consultant and expert of best practices in mold, indoor air quality, and asbestos maintenance meant to protect your business, facility, and occupants.

Reaching Every Employee in an Organization: Engagement Through Recognition
As part of the Sodexo 2016 Workplace Trends Report, this piece discusses how leveraging recognition in partnership with other important company quality of life programs has proven to be the best method of improving overall employee engagement.

Integrating Quality into FM Operations
An overview of Quality Management System (QMS) concepts plus steps explaining how to develop and manage an operationally-specific QMS for sustainable facility management and continuous improvement of service delivery.

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Developing an Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey
The Facility Management industry is continuing to strengthen its position as a customer-focused business services provider. Surveys are a good way to capture this data. BUT BEWARE surveys need to capture the right information with the least amount of effort required.


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