Content Spotlight: 21 Excellent Reads by IBM

IBM has some amazing pieces that go over why the workplace matters, six steps for effective capital planning, Watson AI, and much more. You can learn more about their TRIRIGA product, here:

Hope you enjoy this content collection and get some practical takeaways that help you better manage your facilities.

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IBM Global Real Estate Group Talk Space Planning and Occupancy
For today's RE and FM professionals, it's no longer about mops and buckets, it's about using technology and data to effectively manage your space.

Work safe, work smart and return with confidence: a pragmatic guide to reopening facilities
As we plan for the return back, how we manage our buildings and our spaces, and how occupants engage with that space, is critical. Learn how you can work safe, work smart and return with confidence as you reimagine and create a safe and efficient workplace.

IDC calls IBM a Leader in its first IWMS MarketScape
It's the first-ever report on Integrated Workplace Management Systems, this IDC excerpt highlights the need for digital transformation to successfully navigate the disruptions brought on by the pandemic.

IBM Global Real Estate Group Talk Workplace Experience
For today's RE and FM professionals, it's about winning the hearts and minds of employees by delivering the right space and the best experience in 78M sq. ft, for 350M employees.

Work safe. Work smart. Return with confidence
As we plan for the return back - to public structures, corporations, and campuses – how we manage our buildings and our spaces, and how occupants engage with that space to do their work, is critical. Learn how you can work safe, work smart and return with confidence as you reimagine and create a safe and efficient workplace for tomorrow and beyond.

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IBM TRIRIGA Space Management Demo
Employ the power of AI to build safe, productive, and efficient spaces. Take this quick tour through the space management capabilities of IBM TRIRIGA and discover how to digitize your space, allocate and assign space, make better space decisions, and optimize your space.

Harmonic Distortion
Quality energy has experience for over 30 years in engineering. We are proud to be the first choice for businesses seeking energy efficiency and power quality. Our best power factor correction will reduce the risk of equipment failure, raise your business efficiency, and will lower your carbon footprint. And this will save your business time, money, and energy. Our engineers are planning and analyzing the way to control the harmonic distortion.

Streamline and Automate Lease Accounting with IBM TRIRIGA
The IBM® TRIRIGA® Real Estate Manager lease accounting solution provides a comprehensive, consolidated, and easily configurable system that helps organizations streamline and automate their lease accounting processes—from the initial data import to ongoing audit and compliance reporting.

When a building Isn’t Just a Building: Why Space Matters
Space matters. The “who, when, and how” – and how much it costs – are at the heart of an organization’s real estate strategy. Yet the cost of real estate continues to rise.

The True Value of an Integrated Workplace Management
With an IWMS, real estate and facilities managers have an unprecedented opportunity to capture and analyze their data. It gives companies the tools needed to react quickly to change, care for their employees and occupants, and make strategic space and occupancy decisions.

Optimizing Space and Safety for Employees in the COVID-19 Era
After 95% of IBM’s employees shifted from the office to working from home because of the pandemic, the IBM Global Real Estate (GRE) team was ready with space utilization data to track usage and adapt to rapidly changing business needs.

The Space Planning Evolution
You need to know the who, where, and when to make the most of your buildings. Because effective space planning helps you reduce costs and focus on employee wellbeing.

Creating a Workplace that Works for You: Why You Need a Better Experience
A great workplace experience can mean the difference between happy, productive employees, and a company facing high turnover. Of course, it’s important to treat employees like the valuable assets they are. But it can also mean real revenue to a company.

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IBM leverages Watson AI, Industry Apps to Aid Back-to-Office Efforts
From technology industry research firm, 451 Research: Watson Works combines artificial intelligence models and capabilities to help customers manage not only their physical facilities but also the employee experience within them – with employee health and safety is perhaps the most critical ‘experience’ of all.

Six Steps for Effective Capital Planning
The most effective capital planning starts with a comprehensive understanding of your current infrastructure. And that understanding starts with a thorough facility condition assessment (FCA) – one that evaluates spaces, building systems, and assets across the entire enterprise.

The True Value of an IWMS
To reap the full advantages of this new age of data, a business or organization needs a technology solution to address and augment all aspects of real estate performance.

Why the Workplace Matters
Learn what incoming generations of employees expect from your workplace. Spaces designed to make employees happier have far-reaching benefits. See how IoT-based facilities management with AI and the right mix of services and spaces can increase workplace productivity.

How To Lead Your Workplace Through Uncertainty
As firms prepare to reopen buildings, iteration and agility must be central to return-to-work plans given the continually changing pandemic and economic environment. Explore four actions you can take to build a more agile workplace.

IDC: IBM Watson Works on Reinforcing a Safe Return to the Workplace
Global market intelligence firm, IDC, reviewed IBM's Watson Works. Their findings: IBM is making strides to support more responsive workplace models beyond the current pandemic. Read the report to learn how you can work safely, work smart, and guard the health, safety, and productivity of your people in a changing workplace.

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IBM Global Real Estate Group Talks TRIRIGA, Data and How to Win Hearts and Minds
For today's RE and FM professionals, it's no longer about brick and mortar, or mops and buckets. It's about using technology, understanding the data, and winning the hearts and minds of employees.

How to Optimize Space and Improve Employee Productivity with Smart Buildings
Space matter. It’s at the heart of your real estate strategy and helps you deliver the right workplace experience. In this 20-minute webinar, you'll discover how to uncover occupancy trends that matter and make the most of your space.

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