February 2021 Content Feature: Government Relations

This month's featured content is Government Relations. Learn the legal responsibilities of an FM, how policies impact the industry, and even how to connect with your representatives in congress.

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Competing Safety vs. Privacy Issue: The Workspace Technology Perspective
The prevention of COVID-19 is driving governing bodies to collect vast amounts of information on individuals, from one’s health status to recent travel history. Amassing such information at the workplace by employers is however subject to debate. Regardless, there is an abundance of technologies at the workplace capable of identifying the individual. Balancing between using the technologies to keep the workplace safe against concerning individual privacy should be at the core of workplace policymaking.

IFMA Advocacy Day 2020 Presentation
IFMA Advocacy Day 2020 slide deck that covers the state of IFMA Government Affairs and presentations by elected officials on how they will support the built environment.

Congress Speaker Invitation
An easy-to-use template to request a congressperson speak at your event. Just fill out the event details and what you would like the congressperson to speak about at your event.

FM Legal Responsibilities
This presentation offers a brief overview of formal and informal techniques for assessing and planning to meet the legal responsibilities of FM, including contracts, regulations, labor concerns, environmental compliance, liability, and risk management.

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How to Stay Out of Jail When You Have International FM Responsibilities
An American FM working in Chicago gets smacked with a large fine by the government of the United Kingdom because of an incident that occurred in Indonesia between a cleaning vendor and a corrupt city official. How is this possible? The FM industry is increasingly international. Whether working in-house or on an outsourced account, the likelihood is growing that young FMs will have international responsibilities at some point in their careers.

Ready, Set, Go! ISO 41000: an enabling set of FM standards
Learning Objectives 1. Understand the ISO 41000 Suite of FM Standards 2. Articulate the benefits of the ISO 41000 series 3. Review the organization of the FM Management System Standard 4. Explore some practical applications of the ISO 41000 FM Standards

Energy Policy in the Next Congress
Congressman Inslee explores issues and legislative measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce dependency on dirty fossil fuels as well as the FM's role in these important processes.

H2O-How Clean is Your Office Water
Discussion of workplace drinking water safety standards and practices paired with tips for clean water, and a recommendation to test the drinking water in the workplace to ensure the safety of the water supply.

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Driving Distractions Policy
Outline of driver distractions for identification of hazards in the workplace and application of appropriate controls to reduce risk. Distractors, including electronic devices and driving behaviors, are detailed with related laws and enforcements.

Good Governance Creates Great Leaders
Review a model and guidelines by which governance, a quality process for internal/external operations and relations, may be instituted by industry leaders to strategically plan and organize processes.

Employee Safety at the Workplace at Home: Address Safety at Your Workplace at Your Employees’ Home Offices
Learn the 17 gaps that can sabotage your emergency plans today and how to fill them. Learn which laws, regulations and standards apply to your emergency planning training and exercises. Learn what a lawsuit will do to you if you don’t create a plan to standard.

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Take The Lead! Create A Training Program To Meet the Future Needs of a Diverse Workforce
Wouldn’t it be great if there were resources to guide you through your FM workforce development program? What if the government and industry could work together on required competencies and training? This session will answer those questions and show you how to build an effective training plan.


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