February 2020 Content Feature: Government Relations

Now more than ever decisions made by elected officials at National, State and local level are having a significant impact on the business of facility management. Mandates for improved efficiency, incentives for investment in High Performance Building Systems and an increased focus on operations and maintenance means the FM needs to understand what’s required and how to comply. Learn about how IFMA interacts with elected officials and the resources that are available.

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Integrating BIM with FM at NASA LaRC
Learn how the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) integrated building information modeling (BIM) to review processes related to data collection and handover from the design/build construction team to NASA’s facility management group. The project established integration between the NASA New Town AOB1 project’s BIM Models and NASA’s LaRC IBM Maximo CMMS, and evaluated the effectiveness of the integration by applying quantitative and qualitative metrics.

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Energy Management in Federal Facilities
Improving energy efficiency in federal facilities is becoming a higher priority as legislation becomes more aggressive. As federal agencies attempt to meet energy and water reduction goals, the guidance on how to achieve those goals is unclear. Learn how using the GSA Schedule allows for quick access to qualified contractors that can help a federal agency meet their socioeconomic goals.

Net-Zero Buildings: A Federal Mandate
An intro to net-zero building practices stemming from U.S. Federal Government mandate. Review the Green Building Initiative (GBI) Guiding Principles compliance requirements and methods for building energy efficiency, like co-generation systems.

WE Case Study GSA
The US General Services Administration (GSA) rightsized to align workspaces with business goals. Review their strategy for gathering data through workplace engagement activities, and key results of zoned workspaces and flexible work implementation.

Sustainability How-to Guide: US Government Policy Impacts
This guide examines the U.S. government’s sustainability initiatives and describes the opportunities they afford to facility managers, providing a significant body of knowledge including best-in-class tools, resources and benchmarking information.

GSA Space Consolidation and Workplace Transformation
A presentation examining government agencies’ interest in space consolidation, including the U.S. General Services Administration’s space consolidation initiatives and ways the GSA can help other agencies consolidate and optimize their workspaces.

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GSA Innovative Workplaces: Benefits and Best Practices
The GSA’s Office of Government wide Policy (OGP) identifies workplace support trends, discusses the evolution of the federal workplace and outlines the benefits of innovative approaches by presenting case studies on successful federal implementations.

KPIs for Federal Facility Portfolios
Findings of a study identifying key performance indicators to be used by senior-level federal managers, to determine financial and nonfinancial results of investments in facility portfolios and improved strategies for facilities asset management.

GSA Case Study: Rocky Mountain Region, USA
In 2010 the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) redesigned its regional headquarters in Denver, Colorado into a mobile workspace that accommodated multiple work styles. Review their process for workplace reconfiguration and change management. 

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Developing a Technology Strategy in Workplace Design
The U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Workplace Strategy Program in Public Buildings Service is dedicated to promoting innovative, flexible and smart workplaces that can serve as models for other federal agencies. This resource serves as a framework for federal agencies to have the conversation about technology at the beginning of workplace strategy conversations, thereby integrating technology into the design and implementation process.


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