Earth Day 2020 - Sustainability Resources

In support of Earth Day 2020, we've pulled together a collection of sustainability and other environmental stewardship resources. This collection of content provides guidance on establishing, communicating and measuring sustainability programs in your facilities. Celebrate Earth Day with us and make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices for combating climate change and creating more sustainable facilities.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Water Conservation: The Bottom Line Impacts, Challenges and Rewards
Build a basic understanding of the current issues surrounding water use, including critical issues, benchmarking and evaluation related to reduction of water consumption, how to make the business case for water conservation and industry case studies.

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Tracking Trash: Finding New Strategies in Waste Disposal
With waste generation on the rise worldwide, a shift in consciousness is proposed to promote waste reduction as an environmentally responsible and cost-effective alternative to unsustainable waste disposal practices like incineration and landfills.

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Sustainability Programs that Produce Energy Star Rated Buildings
Turn industry changes and mandated code challenges into opportunities for operational changes with focus on the execution segment. Understand the challenges and changes to develop a mitigation plan for a successful sustainability program.

Sustainability Makes Financial Sense
FM leaders at the University of Houston work to combat assumptions about sustainability cost and practicality through a robust sustainability program addressing improved management practices for energy, water, and waste management/recycling.

Sustainability for All
Global results of the 2013 Sustainable Cultures in the Workplace survey conducted to inform executives about sustainability investment, workforce attitudes on sustainability, and to identify ways to create sustainable workplaces and working patterns.

Assessing the Operational Performances of Implemented Green Solar Strategies/Technologies within Sustainable Buildings
Facility professionals' increasing responsibilities now include assessing operational performances of implemented green solar strategies/technologies within sustainable buildings. This paper presents a temporal assessment tool that accurately compares the design expectations of implemented green strategies/technologies with operational performances. It covers the results of a case study that demonstrates the proposed assessment tool on an implemented green solar collection system within a sustainable building.

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Using a Room-by-Room Approach to Energy Curtailment and Greening
In developing a room-by-room approach to energy management and promoting education, awareness and the importance of conservation and sustainability, FMs can align their program with the organizational culture and achieve significant cost savings.


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