December 2020 Content Feature: Communication

Communication is fundamental to all businesses and industries and is a cornerstone of effective facility management. From the myriad vendors, service providers, team, staff, and leadership a facility manager interacts with regularly, good communication is often cited as one of the most important skills an FM can have. This month's feature will help you hone your communication skills, collaborate more effectively, and even manage your time better.

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Get Off Email and End Meetings on Time
Do you receive too many emails from your colleagues? Want to run more efficient meetings? This session will present two tools that solve the time crunch in modern workplaces. 1) Slack, a messaging app for teams that helps track conversations. 2) Level 10, a meeting format designed to create a consistent rhythm focused on the vision.

The Importance of the Online-Community to Current and Future Facility Managers
This piece proposes that FMs should become active members of a supportive and collaborative online FM professional networking community to connect with colleagues and find proven solutions for their technical problems.

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The Value of Employee Communication in Today's Workspace
Effective, timely, and well-phrased communication can help employees feel more connected to the company and its goals thereby creating a positive and supportive work environment.

Creating an Awesome Workplace
SCAN Healthcare’s model for an inventive space concept that aligned SCAN’s consideration of human factors with non-hierarchical workplace design and self-service space planning that substantially contributed to the corporate triple bottom line.

Ep. 18: Engagement and Collaboration across Generations in the Workplace
Porschia Parker CPC, ELI-MP is Founder and CEO of the Millennial Performance Institute and Fly High Coaching in Atlanta, GA. She is a Certified Professional Coach, a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner, and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. Mike Petrusky asks Porschia about how the generations are working together and the many ways that technology is impacting engagement in the workplace. Porschia says that getting all generations on the same page is essential and the need for respect, communication, and finding common ground as human beings is most important for reaching our goals. Porschia shares her expertise about improving the performance of millennials and how workplace leaders can help understand the differences in the generations to better manage their workforce. Mike & Porschia talk about motivational quotes and find inspiration in all types of music, but find a special connection with their appreciation of jazz!

Communication Lessons from the Real World Webinar
Mass communication and messaging control advice from retired FBI special agent, Jeff Lanza, paired with real-world examples of high-stakes communication scenarios and a process for message-driven external communication.

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If You Can Communicate Effectively You Are Set Up for Success
To quote the number one leadership expert in the world, Dr. John C. Maxwell, “leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” Facility Managers must be able to lead. To be an effective leader, the FM must be able to effectively communicate with peers, staff and the c-suite. And, to get your message across, the FM must first be able to connect with her audience. Today’s presentation is based on John Maxwell’s book, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” and helps the FM build the necessary bridges to communicate effectively and, as a result, influence and lead others.

Leveraging Technology to Communicate Effectively within the Changing Dynamics of a Multi Generational Workforce
It used to be that our challenges were in cohesively deploying communication strategies with internal/external clients and staff alike. These strategies included the utilization of related FM-specific and non-industry-specific Technologies in the workplace. However, we have evolved and learned that we need more diverse methods of interaction to suit generational preferences now that millennials are firmly entrenched members of our teams and early Generation Z are beginning to graduate college.

Social Media for FM Business Development
The presentation gives an overview for an integrated strategy using both traditional methods and social media to build audience for your business's message.

Speaking Up: Communicating Effectively With Senior Leadership
By outlining leadership levels and their key skills for success, this piece defines realistic expectations and behaviors for successful C-Suite communication, building skills for self-management that support efforts in managing up.

Facilities Best Practices That Don't Break the Bank
Review best practices for organization management, including steps for creating a meaningful strategic plan, effective communication practices, a successful internship program and professional development/training for your FM organization.

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Workplace Change Management: Communicating the Right Information at the Right Time
This article reviews the elements of a successful workplace change communications program and provides FM tips and tricks for managing a workplace transformation.

Driving Impactful Workplace Conversations
To effectively lead workplace change, FMs must work regularly with the C-suite, HR, IT, Finance, etc. and hold strategic and tactical conversations with these groups and outside vendors. This can be challenging — So how can FMs lead and/or support these conversations better? James Ware, author of "Making Meetings Matter," shares his opinions in this interview.

Higher Level Communication: Translating Great Ideas Into Action
Facility management professionals are constantly developing new ideas and initiatives for their buildings and teams; but the effectiveness and impact of a great idea can be limited if it's not communicated properly. In this podcast, you will learn about different communication styles and gain tips and guidelines for interactions that work best and worst for each style. Achieve more effective communication with your colleagues, peers and upper management.


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