Content Feature: May 2022 - Technology

This month's Knowledge Library content feature highlights the topic of technology and how to best leverage it in your facilities. Learn about benefits, trends and implementation guidance.

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How HVAC Digital Twins Optimize Facility Operations
Reducing complexity and balancing facility managers’ competing challenges can best be accomplished by deploying more digital and remote technology.

IoT and Automations for Modern Campus
"Spurred on by the pandemic, campus facility managers have had to think on their feet when adapting how they operate. First and foremost, providing a safe and healthy environment for educational activities has become paramount. But it goes beyond future pandemic prevention; students expect more from their \ place of learning than ever before. A campus that embraces new systems and technologies to facilitate different personalities and learning styles. With new technologies — such as more advanced IoT, analytics, automation, digital twins, 5G and AI — at their disposal, it is an exciting time for campuses worldwide as they undergo their digital transformation."

State of Workplace Tech
Where should you invest to maximize your workplace technology budget, and what factors are most important? This report outlines recommendations from 300 FM, workplace, and IT leaders on how to get buy-in from the rest of your organization.

The Leadership Toolbox for Technology Implementation and Adoption
Technological innovation is coming at an increasing pace. Beyond just finding and selecting the right solutions and new approaches that become available, leaders must also be able to successfully adopt and integrate these new tools and processes within their organizations, people, and business units. This session will provide the best leadership approaches to implementing new software and technologies within an organization. Key concepts taken from over 500 case studies of technology implementation and adoption will be presented. The right way to use change agents, to communicate the change, how to train, how to measure adoption, and how to minimize and manage resistance will all be discussed. Leading the adoption of innovation the right way allows the full value of a technology to be realized across the organization.

Facilities Technology Trends and Buying Best Practices
Recent research of facilities decision-makers revealed that nearly all agree technology will be essential in the next five years. But many are challenged by roadblocks to securing approvals. This research report shares insights and industry trends about the value facilities leaders place on technology, and their belief about how it will influence team performance and effectiveness.

Ep. 3: Technology Tools for the Built Environment with Joseph Aamidor
"Joseph Aamidor is a subject matter expert in the built environment (buildings, IoT, energy and sustainability) with years of experience in consulting and software product management, sales, and implementation. Mike Petrusky asks Joe about his data-driven focus and how today’s workplace technology is no longer just about energy and use, but can also provide insight into how operationally efficient buildings can be for the occupants of these facilities. With the huge number of technology providers in our complex and fragmented industry, Joe offers advice for workplace decision-makers to be more confident when approaching vendor selection. He shares his multi-step process to technology procurement and reminds us about the importance of education and training for successful adoption after a new software solution is implemented. Mike and Joe discuss how focusing on technology can allow industry professionals to provide workplace as a service and deliver an end-user experience that will help to attract and retain talent while also addressing privacy and security concerns."

Three Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lights
Learn why LED lighting technology provides excellent benefits for parking lot and area lighting applications.

Ep. 39: FM Technology Trends and Marketing | Katie King, MBA - Zoodikers
Katie King, MBA is our first guest from "across the pond" and she definitely is an "FM innovator"! Katie is Co-Founder of AI in FM and Founder of Zoodikers, a digital PR and social media marketing firm where she has helped to elevate the facility management profession. Mike Petrusky asks Katie about her background growing up in the UK, her favorite music artists, and strategies for marketing in today's FM world. They talk about the latest technology trends and workplace innovations.

Evolving Technologies for BIM-Enabled Projects
This collection of building information modeling (BIM) presentations discusses changing technologies for BIM-enabled projects, addressing select BIM and O&M systems: Autodesk, EcoDomus, FM Systems and Onuma.

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Innovations in Healthcare Facility Management
While the facilities industry has introduced several technology solutions, none address a mobile workforce that needs fast access to hospital building information. This is essentially a buyers' guide to the latest software for healthcare facilities.

Developing an IT Roadmap for Working Facility Managers
"The workplace is evolving at a rapid pace with today’s talented workforce creating the need for strategies and tools to help them excel. For example most large organizations are moving away from traditional fixed desk settings to flexible hot desking but this can create challenges and frustrations in locating availability and implementing behavioral changes. Employees today demand and expect more personal control of their work environment and technology enabled benefits and services. Real estate and facilities teams must lead and facilitate their drive to collaborate, innovate and engage while balancing traditional facility goals of increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs. In this presentation we will examine changing role and capabilities of lighting technology, how it can address above trends, review real projects with proven ROI and where the roadmap may lead us."

How LED Lighting and Lighting Control Technology Can Reduce Energy Usage and Save Money copy
The intention of this article is to introduce important concepts about lighting and the many financial benefits of implementing an upgrade, so you can pass basic information to your colleagues, supervisors, and contacts.

Best Practices on Cyber Security & Data Privacy
This session will focus on an overview of current trends and provide specifics on how Cyber Security and Data Privacy may be applied in an FM’s day-to-day operations. The discussion is based on selected chapters from The Facility Manager's Guide to Information Technology: An International Collaboration between the IFMA Technology Council and GEFMA. The authors intended the book to be used as both a teaching guide and reference tool for educational organizations and corporations alike.

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Setting Yourself Up for Success: FM Technology Implementation Case Studies
Explore the value of planning and implementation, understand the pitfalls associated with failed implementations, and explore FM technology trends and how they impact implementation.

Healthy buildings: How technologies can reduce infectious disease transmission
Building controls integrated with smart building technology and applications can be enabled to help simplify, improve, and automate safety and infection risk management. These technologies can play a central role in identifying threats, reducing risks of infectious disease transmission, and monitoring for policy compliance.


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