August 2020 Featured Content: Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity

As facility managers grapple with managing facilities remotely or with reduced resources during the pandemic, we've compiled a collection of resources focused on business continuity best practices. This month's collection offers insight on HVAC and air quality, hygienic cleaning, disaster preparation, and many more topics.

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H1N1 and Hygienic Cleaning
An overview of H1N1 (Swine Flu) influenza virus, including transmission types, infection control precautions, and sanitary habits (hand hygiene, cough etiquette, respiratory hygiene) for reducing cross infection.

Six Steps to Make Your Garage Safer and Smarter Today
The U.S. Department of Justice points out that "because parking facilities comprise a large area with relatively low levels of activity, violent crime is more likely to occur in a parking facility than in other commercial facilities." This article discusses security measures you can implement to mitigate parking facility risks.

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Sustaining Your Business After a Disaster
Key concepts and solutions for business continuity, including multidimensional risk inspection, financial and infrastructure factors, participation in PS Prep: The Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Program, and supply chain resilience.

Protection from an Airborne Accidental Release
Reviewing airborne hazard scenarios from operational and safety standpoints, this article discusses possible building protection measures and countermeasures that can be instituted along with counter-terrorism and life/safety technologies.

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Emergency Management: Practical Tools and Resources that Every FM Needs
When the next natural disaster hits, how prepared will your site be? Do you have an emergency operations plan in place and ready to go? When is the last time you’ve conducted an emergency planning and response exercise? This webinar will help answer these questions and will be packed full of practical tools and training resources that all Facility Managers need to know and understand. Joined by an expert from FEMA’s National Preparedness Directorate, we will explain the preparedness cycle and the six step planning process for creating high-quality emergency operations plans.

August BOM: Air Handling Unit Refurbishment for Compliance with NFPA and ASHRAE
Overview of NFPA 90A and its incorporation with NFPA 101: Life Safety Code and the distinction between Class A fire-rated materials and NFPA 90A compliant materials.

The Disaster Experience QuickFire for Facility Managers
Learn the basics of business continuity planning, including principles of emergency management, business continuity outlining and planning produce, questions for self-evaluating disaster readiness, and a guide for training and testing exercises.

Workplace Resilience When a Disaster Strikes: Strategic Questions to Keep the Workplace Productive
Workplace strategy plays a vital role in business resilience as people, place and technology are critical to resuming operations after a disaster. This article poses questions to consider when determining how you, as a workplace strategist or facility manager, can support your organization’s business resilience planning efforts. Take the lead to prepare your organization for an uncertain future.

Preparedness: Are You Ready for the Next Disaster?
Supporting proactive disaster planning, this guide provides disaster scenario statistics, explanation of evacuation versus invacuation, and a listing of tools for crime prevention through environment design/response enhanced design (CPTED – RED).

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The 17 Mistakes Made in Emergency Plans and How to Avoid and Correct Them
Review why emergency plans are integral to strategic emergency preparedness and business continuity, while identifying seventeen common errors and oversights of emergency planning.

High Stakes Business: People, Property and Services
This IFMA research report was created to help facility managers navigate the challenges, and identify trends and practices in the area of emergency preparedness and business continuity. Discussions and results from the IFMA Emergency Planning and Business Continuity research forums, along with the IFMA 2014 Business Continuity Survey, form the basis of this paper.


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