ARC Facilities Spotlight - Knowledge transferring, women in facilities, and leveraging mobile solutions in the field

ARC Facilities has provided the following thought-leadership content and resources. Learn more about managing government funding, mobile facility access, inspiring profiles of women in facilities, and how to effectively transfer knowledge to future-proof through the Great Resignation.

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Pandemic Guide to Government Funds
The pandemic has driven increased government funding to upgrade institutions such as schools, which are vulnerable in times of crisis. The good news? There’s government funding, to the tune of billions of dollars, readily available to transform our schools. Tribal nations, county, city, and state governments also get access to these funds. In this resource guide, we’ll explain how to access these funds and use cooperative purchasing groups to streamline your purchasing.

ARC Facilities Three Minute Overview
Does your team spend hours everyday searching through piles of paperwork? During emergencies, does your team scramble to find the floor plans for first responders? When a pipe bursts, does it take a long times to shut-off the necessary pipes? If your answer is yes, ARC Facilities might have just the thing for you.

How Innovative FM Teams are Changing the Game: Mobile Access to Building Info in the Field
The old way of accessing building information and training newcomers through a hierarchal/top-down process is obsolete. Information should be available for the collective conscious. Facility teams need to be able to share, update, and revise their campus information in real time, in the field, otherwise safety is compromised. 100+ year old campuses hold secrets. What’s underground and behind the walls needs to be recorded and shared for predictive and preventive maintenance.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to prevent minor incidents from escalating into costly and dangerous disasters
  • How to share building information with 3rd parties, e.g. outsourced contractors and first responders
  • How to conduct remote troubleshooting when you’re off-site
  • How to balance daily PMs and emergency situations that pop-up
  • How to ensure successful/stress-free succession planning amidst retirements and resignations
  • How to attract a younger, more tech-savvy class of technicians and specialists

Women in Facilities: Stories of Leadership, Inspiration, and Innovation
About a year ago, we launched Women in Facilities, Stories of Leadership, Inspiration, and Innovation. It’s been fascinating getting to know these women and the challenges, opportunities, and rewards they’ve received from careers in facility management, real estate, education, healthcare, and the trades.

"The Silver Tsunami" Capture Facility Knowledge Before the Next Wave of Departures
From CNN to CBS News, the great wave of resignation is getting tons of play, and for good reason. In fact, our National Director, David Trask, who meets with Facilities teams regularly, has heard the wave of resignations referred to as the silver tsunami, which inspired our title for this blog post.

IDC Report: Unleash the Power of Mobile for Building Intelligence
For facility teams who require documentation to be easily available for both emergencies and equipment maintenance, getting their hands on O&Ms, building plans and emergency info quickly is a huge productivity boost. Direct mobile access to facility and building information, such as the precise location of shutoff valves, standard operating procedures, and emergency equipment, empowers teams to better perform their jobs. For more great facility management nuggets from IDC, check out the full brief.

Digitizing Tribal Knowledge in Facilities
We're living in an age where tribal knowledge is critical for the success of our businesses. Facilities, whether they're college campuses, meat packing plants, hospitals or casinos are complicated, they're spread out, they're historic and new at the same time. The idea of digitizing tribal knowledge was addressed during a recent podcast conducted by Griffin Hamilton from Flow Path and Suri Suriyakumar, CEO, ARC Facilities with the focus on buildings that have been around for years and will be around for years to come.


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