April 2020 Feature Content: Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

As we see impacts of climate change alter the experiences in the places we work, live and play, we're confronted with the continual need to enhance the sustainability of our facilities. This is not only a pressing issue but a means by which we can reduce operating costs in our facilities.

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New! Adapting to Climate Change for FM Professionals
This report provides resources to assist Facility Managers in reducing vulnerability to the effects of climate change for the organizations they support. The report identifies ways that Facility Management can gain support to implement needed adaptations due to climate change and provides links to additional referenced resources.

Climate Change Fundamentals for Facility Management Professionals
A guide to help you understand and prepare your facilities for the threat of climate change. Curated from multiple scientific studies, this free report reduces three-thousand pages of scientific evidence to 30 pages of key points that every FM can use immediately.

Creating a Safe, Sustainable Community in a Challenging Economy
This whitepaper explains how a well-planned technology implementation adds value when it is comprehensive, creates operational efficiencies, meets constituent expectations, and takes advantage of funding opportunities and expert knowledge.

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Recycling - The Right Thing to Do: Developing and Implementing a Workplace Plan
In this presentation, you will learn why you need a strategic focus on recycling in your work environment and practical steps on how to create a program. You will also receive practical insights and lessons learned from the EY Atlanta office roll-out that led to a meeting with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and national recognition for the firm. You'll also learn about new sustainability initiatives EY Atlanta is doing to Build a Better Working World including Food Rescue.

From Deskside to Dumpster: Designing an Effective Recycling and Waste Collection Program
Universities, corporations, venues and other institutions have increasingly adopted recycling programs for their facilities in recent years. They’ve done this to reduce waste disposal costs, achieve corporate sustainability goals and otherwise lower their environmental footprint. This presentation addresses some of the underlying factors that influence the success of recycling programs as well best practices to improve them.

An Introduction to Sustainability in Food Service
Learn about aspects of sustainability in the food service industry and review recommendations for tracking, measurement and continued monitoring of sustainability endeavors.

Setting the Example through Green Design
The subject architectural firm's use of 6 major environmental categories exemplify an understanding of how green design impacts the environment and the bottom line while incorporating sustainable measures.

The Lean, Green Workplace: Thinking Beyond Sustainability
Lean represents a new way of working and thinking, which will enhance efficiency, fuel collaboration, extend the building life cycle and protect the environment. This white paper addresses how virtual design and construction (VDC) and integrated project delivery (IPD) are ideal vehicles to achieving a Lean workplace.

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Complexities of Large Property Losses: Catastrophe Survival Guide
Large damage situations can provide unique challenges to all involved. Three perspectives will be shared for managing the complexities of property damage losses from financial tracking and insurance considerations, facility management concerns of managing client expectations and contractor coordination and management. Lastly, the contractor will share his lessons form large property damage events to assist all parties in future situations.

If Buildings Are The Problem, What Is The Solution? Case Studies of Facility Managers Driving Climate Impact
"You can’t talk about fighting climate change without talking about commercial properties and energy use. Building-related emissions account for about one-third of global GHG emissions. Commercial buildings alone currently generate 16 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. How energy is consumed is part of the solution to the problem of greenhouse gases. As managers of the built space Facility Managers play a critical role in reducing carbon footprint. This session will define and identify metrics for achieving a sustainable workplace. Learn how to develop a roadmap, engage occupants, track data, and benchmark to improve. The reward is recognition through certification, financial savings, employee attraction/retention and the leadership and innovation achieved through being a good neighbor."

Assessing the Operational Performances of Implemented Green Solar Strategies/Technologies within Sustainable Buildings
Facility professionals' increasing responsibilities now include assessing operational performances of implemented green solar strategies/technologies within sustainable buildings. This paper presents a temporal assessment tool that accurately compares the design expectations of implemented green strategies/technologies with operational performances. It covers the results of a case study that demonstrates the proposed assessment tool on an implemented green solar collection system within a sustainable building.

Beyond Payback Period: Demystifying Sustainability Finance
Make the business case for sustainability initiatives by extending your finance projections past payback period alone and into sustainability plans considering return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR).

Do Good, Have Fun and Make Money Epic's Sustainability Story
Strategy for site stewardship and responsive sustainable architecture for Epic, a medical software company. Review goals set, options assessed and objectives achieved at the 2.5 million sq. ft. campus supporting the company mission via site design.

Sustainable Manufacturing
An overview of sustainable manufacturing practices and concepts, including lean manufacturing and the helix of sustainability, a total systems approach to manufacturing with sustainable materials, particularly biopolymers and bio-composites.

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Legal Industry Council of IFMA: Benchmarking Report
Originally published in 2012, this comprehensive benchmarking report presents results from a survey conducted by IFMA's Legal Industry Council. A major benefit of the survey was that it allowed council members to anonymously share important and sometimes confidential information. Covering a broad range of topics from disaster recovery and ergonomics, to A/V conferencing, sustainability and records management, the report is a useful tool for evaluating facility trends in the legal industry.


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