7 Blog Posts from Schneider Electric on Building Management and other topics

Healthy Hotels - Adapting to the New Normal with Hotel Technology Solutions
Hospital-grade disinfectants, deep-cleaning of high-touch surfaces, hand sanitizing stations, PPE for staff, social distancing protocols, and contactless check-in are all important tactics, but there are additional hotel technology innovations that can help these organizations take the concept of “healthy hotels” to the next level.

Smart building mobile apps boost employee engagement, productivity, and safety
The importance of re-engaging employees and how smart building technology can help.

3 Ways Space Management Solutions Enable a Safer, More Responsive Workplace
Why office space needs are shifting and how space management is being simplified using mature smart building technology that helps create a more responsive workplace.

BMS upgrades drive operational resiliency in 3 critical areas
For your operations to be resilient you need a building infrastructure that can adapt quickly to changing circumstances and support the actions your facility teams need to take.

3 Ways Digital Tools Help Ensure Operational and Business Continuity in Challenging Times
Many buildings are already benefiting from the transition made from analog controls to connected, IoT-enabled electrical distribution and HVAC infrastructures. These smarter buildings enable greater visibility, greater control, and the support of remote services.

Innovation Talk Highlights: Healthy Buildings
A panel of experts share their tips and success stories on how we can better seize the benefits of digitization to serve our safety, efficiency and sustainability goals.

Six Steps Hospital Facilities Can Take to Reduce the Risk of Spreading Infectious Disease
You can help ensure safe operations of your facility by monitoring and controlling six areas.