21 of the Best Content Pieces FMs Should Read to Start 2021

Here are 21 of the Best Content Pieces FMs Should Read to Start 2021

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Strategic Planning for a Post-COVID Workplace
Long-term planning in the middle of a pandemic requires a different approach than it does in “normal” times. In our guide, “Strategic Planning for a Post-COVID Workplace,” we break down some of the things you can do to adjust your strategy to meet the new normal.

IFMA Strategic Framework - COVID-19
The intent of this framework is to offer guidance to facility managers as they align their re-entry strategy to address, organizational needs, drivers, and risk management; restarting critical processes in order to safely return occupants to the facilities; and determining program requirements for FM services that will be necessary for the “new normal” as business operations adjust to working under ongoing pandemic conditions.

Project Plan Template for Re-entry to Facility after COVID-19
This Excel download is a template developed as a supplement to IFMA's Strategic Re-Entry Framework. It is intended to get you started as you plan for re-entering your facilities in response to quarantine and "stay-at-home" mandates being lifted. There is no "one size fits all" in facility management. As a result, this is not a comprehensive plan and is only intended to provide you with high-level, common functions as a reference to assist with your planning process.

Raising the Bar 1: Enhancing the Strategic Role of FM
This research reviewed the current state of practice in the facilities profession and identify critical FM challenges. It focused in particular on the relationships between FM and other key functional areas.

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Adapting to Climate Change for FM Professionals 2020
Climate Change risk assessment focused report. Also, includes Climate risk mitigation resources.

Facility Management History and Evolution
By synthesizing the evolution of FM, this paper aims to answer the question, “Did the need to provide a separate name to describe the management of facilities arise as the nature of the business moved from core competence so business-critical?

Sustainability How-To Guide: Global Green Cleaning
This guide outlines the steps to establish a comprehensive green cleaning program, covering key topics such as indoor air quality, green cleaning products and equipment, greenwashing, green cleaning service providers, and performance measurements.

Raising the Bar 3: From Operational Excellence to Strategic Impact in FM
This third installment in the ground-breaking "Raising the Bar" research series by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, published in collaboration with IFMA, makes a powerful case for how, as an industry, FM makes significant contributions to business success and organizational effectiveness. This research identifies the key issues facing the industry and offers ways FM can build recognition and understanding within the C-suite, among other business leaders, and with related infrastructure groups.

Sustainability How-to Guide: Carbon Footprint
This guide provides process tools for monitoring building-related carbon emissions, presenting the GHG emission inventory process, discussing best practices and benchmarking, and explaining climate action planning and reporting procedure.

Sustainability How-to Guide: Engaging Occupants in Your Sustainability Program
This guide introduces the benefits of engaging occupants in sustainability initiatives and provides a step-by-step approach for designing, implementing, and measuring the impact of an occupant engagement program to achieve positive behavior changes.

Sustainability How-to Guide: Getting Started
This guide details implementation strategy for sustainable FM programs in existing buildings, providing direction to assess the organization, identify initiatives to determine their value and implement, measure and monitor program effectiveness.

Another Reason for Sustainable Operations
Conley explains and analyzes energy efficiency legislation and efforts as they relate to FMs.

Raising the Bar
West Georgia county government partners with corporate neighbors to institute the public-private safety initiative SUCCESS or Safety Umbrella City County Excellence Six Sigma, an employee-centric approach to equipment and human safety management.

Raising the Bar: Enhancing the Strategic Role of FM
A study on FM strategy, examining ways FMs can manage infrastructure functions in “shared enterprise support” teams by aligning real estate and facilities services with business imperatives, operational capabilities, and organizational performance.

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The Complete Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Audit
This comprehensive audit helps facility managers find potential hazards and mitigate slip, trip, and fall risks. Use this checklist to walk through what you should look for to find potential hazards in all of the various areas of your facilities.

Raising the Bar 2: City Roundtables Report
Raising the Bar: City Roundtables Report builds on the findings of the first Raising the Bar report. It grew from a series of city roundtables and investigates the potential of FM to remodel itself as a strategic business asset.

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Distributed Work Tips and Best Practices
This guide is designed to make distributed work as effective as possible for the worker. It includes tips and best practices for setting up your home office, communicating with peers, managing your time, and facilitating and participating in virtual team meetings.

Take The Lead! Create A Training Program To Meet the Future Needs of a Diverse Workforce
We will share how the State Department incorporated the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA) into their existing FM training program. We will show you FREE, online, resources available to all so you do not have to recreate the wheel. You will walk away with new ideas to create your own training program and prove your business case and funding for training!

Facility Manager: Job Description
This template provides you with the job description and qualifications for a Facility Manager position.

Assistant Facility Manager: Job Description
This template provides you with the job description and qualifications for an Assistant Facility Manager position.

Fire Alarm and Safety: Scope of Work
This Scope of Work template provides the basis of an agreement describing the necessary work to be performed in the area of fire alarm safety.


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