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This February, we brought together a collection of 14 pieces that all facility managers will love. Learn the top skills to help FMs succeed, the trends within your facility, the heart of every contract, and much more.

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Top 10 Skills Every Facility Manager Needs to Succeed
What strengths and skills are employers seeking from facility manager candidates? Here are 10 skills you need to move up as a facilities leader.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Resources for Growth
This white paper focuses on three ways in which a growing business, or business looking to increase profitability, can get more for their money. The three ways highlight leveraging the power of your people, making your brand matter, and the importance of not trying to do everything yourself.

Creating a Safe, Sustainable Community in a Challenging Economy
This whitepaper explains how a well-planned technology implementation adds value when it is comprehensive, creates operational efficiencies, meets constituent expectations, and takes advantage of funding opportunities and expert knowledge.

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8 Ways to Become a Thought Leader and Grow Your FM Career
Learn practical tips on how to grow your credibility in the FM industry and get recognized as a thought leader by your peers. This piece serves as a great primer for how to start building your professional reputation, and also provides a collection of links to various IFMA resources that are available to members for free.

Trends and Developments Within Facility Management
This white paper deals with further trends and developments within facility management based on the fieldwork of the Vienna University of Technology, Department of Information and Facility Management, and experiences from the delivery side of the facility management business through service provider ISS.

Ep. 37: Make Your Employees Fall in Love with Your Workplace and Dramatically Impact Your Bottom Line
Mike and Rebecca talked about how facility management and corporate real estate professionals can collaborate with HR and IT to use technology and have an impact on workplace expenses using JLL's "3-30-300 rule" as a guide. They also discuss how the iOFFICE platform helps deliver on the promise of enhancing the employee experience by leveraging data from your existing tech stack.

Sustainability How-To Guide: Turning Data Centers Green
This guide discusses the major obstacles to improving energy efficiency in data centers, emphasizing the necessity of strong project leadership, executive support, and strategy to increase data center modularization and sustainability.

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Working in Harmony Putting IT, HR and CREFM in a Room Together to Make Sweet Music
How do dynamic and seemingly divergent infrastructure groups collaborate to support workforce productivity? Explore panel discussion about the alignment of IT, HR, and CRE/FM in the design and implementation of flexible work programming.

8 Financial Reports Every Facility Manager Needs (and Every CFO Loves)
FMs are tasked with all kinds of responsibilities, from ensuring the look and feel of a company’s locations remain in top-notch order to literally keeping the lights on. With hundreds of locations, pieces of equipment, and contractors resulting in thousands of invoices, staying on top of everything is tough in the best cases. Responding to your CFO and the finance department accordingly can be difficult, so this white paper discusses how to proactively keep the facilities department a step ahead of financial issues by monitoring the proper metrics.

Six Critical Factors for Facilities
The presentation examines the needs and areas for aligning business plans to facility management plans, steps on achieving the alignment, and strategies for gaining C-suite buy-in and support for the plans.

4 Ways Technology Has Changed the Modern Workplace
Is your company keeping up with the evolution of technology? Here are the top four benefits of becoming a modern workplace.

Defining Service Excellence in FM
This white paper concludes two main themes emerging in driving service excellence in FM. Firstly, that excellence is underpinned by consistency, and secondly, absolute confidence in delivering to an agreed set of standards. But research also shows that this consistency is not enough in itself to guarantee service excellence.

The Heart of Every Contract: Developing Facilities Scopes of Work
Whenever you draw up a contract with your customer or vendor, regardless of the industry you work in, the Scope of Work (or Statement of Work) agreement helps you clearly define what you can expect out of the contract. The Scope of Work (SOW) is a formal document that describes the work activities, deliverables, timelines and milestones, pricing, quality requirements, and governance terms and conditions, etc. The SOW gives both the vendor and the customer, a clear picture of the complete project requirements so that both parties are on the same page.

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Trends and Issues Shaping the FM Profession
A 2014 presentation of the Corporate Facilities Council on primary and secondary trends that are leading assessment, change, and evaluation in FM.


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