11 Amazing Pieces to Supplement Your World Workplace 2020 Experience

This year IFMA's World Workplace conference is going digital. And, as a bonus to our standard educational sessions, we're giving members an exclusive opportunity to participate in thought-leading Roundtable Discussions with other industry experts.

For a limited time, we've made all the following pieces available to all Knowledge Library users for free.

Whether you're plotting a safe return to the workplace, managing retiring facility workers, or need help capital planning, this collection of content from our partners will give you tips and insights to help you improve as a facility manager.

IDC: IBM Watson Works on Reinforcing a Safe Return to the Workplace
Global market intelligence firm, IDC, reviewed IBM's Watson Works. Their findings: IBM is making strides to support more responsive workplace models beyond the current pandemic. Read the report to learn how you can work safe, work smart, and guard the health, safety and productivity of your people in a changing workplace.

IBM leverages Watson AI, industry apps to aid back-to-office efforts
From technology industry research firm, 451 Research: Watson Works combines artificial intelligence models and capabilities to help customers manage not only their physical facilities, but also the employee experience within them – with employee health and safety being perhaps the most critical ‘experience’ of all.

Leveraging IoT to Improve Building Operations and Passenger Perceptions
This panel discussion white paper talks about how the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to streamline building operations and improve the customer and passenger experience.

Ensuring a Seamless Tenant Experience for Vertical Transportation
During this presentation you will learn about how elevator technology is evolving to improve the tenant experience. Current technologies like elevator dispatching systems and tenant apps can help to reduce service times while providing a more personalized and seamless tenant experience. As we look to the future, you will learn how elevator technology will continue to evolve with an end-to-end seamless and hands-free tenant experience to enable a differentiated tenant experience.

Six steps for effective Capital Planning
The most effective capital planning starts with a comprehensive understanding of your current infrastructure. And that understanding starts with a thorough facility condition assessment (FCA) – one that evaluates spaces, building systems and assets across the entire enterprise.

Healthy Options for Sustainable Facilities: Hand Dryers Versus Paper
After many years of air dryer systems without significant improvement of comfort and reduction of drying time, it was possible by a systematic and scientific analysis of the physical process involved in warm air-drying of hands to significantly improve the design and performance of such hand dryers.

The Complete Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Audit
This comprehensive audit helps facility managers find potential hazards and mitigate slip, trip and fall risks. Use this checklist to walk through what you should look for to find potential hazards in all of the various areas of your facilities.

Six Suggestions for Managing Retiring Facility Worker Transitions
To help fill in the knowledge gap between retiring workers and next-generation staff, ARC Facilities has prepared this list of helpful suggestions to ease transition bottlenecks.

Streamline and automate lease accounting with IBM TRIRIGA
The IBM® TRIRIGA® Real Estate Manager lease accounting solution provides a comprehensive, consolidated and easily configurable system that helps organizations streamline and automate their lease accounting processes—from the initial data import to ongoing audit and compliance reporting.

The Evolution of the Office: Learning from the Present and Reimagining the Future
The recent optimism about the potential of work-from-home (WFH) strategies represents a remarkable shift in corporate attitudes towards remote work. However, emerging research increasingly points towards the continuing value of the office both to employees and managers. Our experience with the COVID-19 pandemic is therefore more likely to result in the transformation of the office than in its elimination.

Mastering the Move Management Process
Managing office moves and tracking the supply and demand of space is critical for reacting to business demands quickly and efficiently. Our guide on best practices for mastering the move management process will help you increase data integrity in your space management software.

Hope you enjoyed the content collection, and we hope to see you at World Workplace 2020!