10 New Additions to the Knowledge Library

This fresh, new collection of 10 pieces in our Knowledge Library focuses on a variety of topics that will be beneficial to all facility managers. There is a wide variety of blogs, white papers, articles, and templates covering topics like the hybrid workplace, FM tech tips, building your energy program, and so much more.

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5 Tips to Managing your Elevator Contract During COVID-19
5 Tips to Managing your Elevator Contract During COVID-19. Tips include how to get 100% of the value of your elevator contract and ask for a discount!

The Hybrid Workplace a vision of the imminent future
Our whitepaper provides exclusive first-hand insights into the future of the workplace. How hybrid workplaces can meet the diverse needs of a dynamic workforce and using hybrid to promote employee well-being.

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Creating a Workplace that Works for You: Why You Need a Better Experience
A great workplace experience can mean the difference between happy, productive employees, and a company facing high turnover. Of course, it’s important to treat employees like the valuable assets they are. But it can also mean real revenue to a company.

5 Facility Management Tech Tips, Get Ready for the Next Decade
A prediction on how to bet prepare for when technology is changing the facility management industry over the next few years.

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Providing Exceptional Customer Experience is a Team Sport
Listen to our panelists perspectives and ideas on how to recruit, retain and empower your employees to be more productive, innovative, and invested in your company’s future. The panel experts have extensive experience in human resources, facility and property management, and Shared Contract Services and will share their insight...

The Rise of the Multi-Generational Workforce
This session will explore how the multi-generational workforce came to be, and how smart, intentional design of office buildings and workplaces can help to attract, retain, engage, and empower ALL five generations present in the U.S. workplace today.

Build Your Energy Program
Saving energy and reducing utility costs using today’s technologies and best practices has never been more achievable. However, many Facility Managers have difficulty navigating the path toward success, given time constraints and a deficit of technical knowledge. Our discussion will help Facility Managers cultivate a successful energy program and implement modern, energy and cost-conscience conservation processes and techniques.

Proven Strategies to Become a Better Listener
Through brief exercises, applied research, video clips, and dialogue, attendees will learn strategies to improve their listening skills, including the need to focus, read non-verbal cues, recognize potential gender differences in communication styles, and communicate effectively during times of conflict. Attendees will depart with practical tips and techniques that they can immediately apply and coach others within their own organizations to improve their listening and overall communication skills.

Facilities Register Template
This builds on the examples provided in "The study resource for the CFM Exam" in "Leadership and Strategy" Edition 2015, Version 2.1 page 3-150. Having a clear informative facilities register is the first step to build a strategic facilities plan.

FM Pay and Compensation Report #1: Salaries, Benefits, and Trends for Facility Managers
How does your pay compare to other facility professionals in your region? What are the top perks provided by employers? This webinar presents a summary of IFMA’s newest report, Pay and Compensation Trends. We also discuss impacts on pay from COVID-19, benefits, typical bonus structures, and more.


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