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  •  Operations & Maintenance Health & Safety

    Operations & Maintenance...

    The OMHS Community is committed to seek out and optimize operations, maintenance, safety and health initiative, interactive technologies and best practices.
  • Environmental Stewardship Utilities & Sustainability

    Environmental Stewardship...

    The Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Community (ESUS) offers members the opportunity to collaborate in planning and implementing strategic sustainability programs.
  • Real Estate Advisory & Leadership

    Real Estate Advisory &...

    The Real Estate Advisory & Leadership (REAL) Community seeks to build & communicate knowledge & expertise on the practice of real estate as it affects real estate and facility management professionals, & to influence the practice of real es
  • Technology (IT)

    Technology (IT)

    The IT Community is committed to providing appropriate and relevant content to the GLOBAL IFMA and RICS membership utilizing a broad range of communication and publication platforms.
  • Workplace Evolutionaries

    Workplace Evolutionaries

    Evolutionaries are people who help make change happen—people who lead systems, companies, industries, communities and nations through transformative change. Visit us at
  • Young Professionals & Students

    Young Professionals &...

    A community for IFMA young professionals and students to network.