ISO Standards Resources

Here you can see the latest news and updates happening in facility management standards. Use the links below to learn about the structure and purpose of the technical committee 267, read the latest news and developments and even reach out to get involved.


ISO TC 267 Official Website

This website provides you with information on the structure of the technical committee, a list of published and in-progress standards as well as which countries are participating in the technical committee.

ISO/TC 267 Facility management News & Updates Website

An alternate website outlining the latest news and updates regarding standards development and ISO/TC 267 activity.

ISO Facility Management Standards Catalog

This is a direct link to the catalog of published standards that are available for purchase through the ISO website.


IFMA is committed to the development of the facility management profession and industry and proudly serves as the Administrator for the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (US TAG). This position ensures that we stay at the forefront of the development of standardization across the facility management profession and that we can provide you convenient access to the latest developments in this area.