• 4 Dec 2018

    Welcoming our new addition to the Knowledge Pass Access: Recorded World Workplace Sessions!

    The Knowledge Library has added for the first time ever recorded sessions from World Workplace. If you missed out on the amazing technology sessions, you can now access them with the Knowledge Pass subscription. We are thrilled to bring you four technology sessions led by an amazing panel of innovators who will present on various topics critical for the FM career today. You will finish each session feeling inspired...
    • 4 Dec 2018

    December's Featured Author: T.R. Hernacki & Jim Justus

    T.R. Hernacki & Jim Justus are our December featured authors , recognized for having the most downloaded content piece of 2017! “Is There a Standard in Rooftop Fall Protection?” continues to be a popular piece in the Knowledge Library, focusing on recommendations from the Facility Engineering Association (FEA) on the prevention of accidents, how to defend against litigation and most importantly how to...
    • 3 Dec 2018

    December content spotlight: Communication

    From team building and employee engagement to effectively delivering information across all channels, this month’s featured authors and presenters will help you build your interpersonal and technological skills. Holiday sale: Through Dec. 31, IFMA members can take advantage of a 20 percent discount on Knowledge Pass subscriptions. This all-inclusive subscription service gives you a first look at new content and...
    • 28 Nov 2018

    We are in the Spirit of Saving You Money for the Holidays!

    The Knowledge Library team is excited to announce our 2018 Holiday Sale for the Knowledge Pass. We are offering 20% off the Knowledge Pass subscription for IFMA members now through December 31 st . This is our biggest sale thus far, this is only possible because of our existent Knowledge Pass subscribers finding true value in their annual subscription. We are certain you will too! The Knowledge Pass is an all-inclusive...
    • 17 Nov 2018

    Highlighting our Stellar Content Expert: Lisa VanderHeyden

    The Knowledge Library team wants you to meet Lisa VanderHeyden, IFMA’s Content Expert for the Knowledge Library. Lisa has over 20 years of experience in Project Management, Facility Management (with additional focus on procurement, contract administration, LEED, ergonomics and continuity planning). In her current position, as a Senior Project Manager for Arapahoe County (CO) Facilities & Fleet, she shares...
    • 9 Nov 2018

    November's Featured Author: Diane Coles Levine

    Diane Coles Levine is our November featured author , recognized for her constant contributions to the Knowledge Library and FM world by sharing her knowledge and experience in topics such as workplace management, workplace change and workplace strategies in the FM industry to name a few. To find Diane Coles Levine content, you can simply search by author name, typing "Diane Coles Levine" in the search box...
    • 1 Nov 2018

    November content spotlight: Project Management

    Given the broad range of projects assigned to the facility organization, project management is a core facility management skill. Projects can vary in scope, complexity, duration and financial risk, and can include planning and design, execution, delivery and evaluation. Whether you’re overseeing a new construction, renovation, move or other facility project, this month’s featured content provides expert guidance...
    • 29 Oct 2018

    11 Competencies of the Successful Facility Manager

    To be a strategic facility manager, one must constantly be learning and developing across a plethora of key areas. Effectiveness as an FM requires the development of a catalog of both hard and soft skills--and this broad range of skills can seem quite daunting to learn for those new to the profession. Make sure you're staying up-to-date with your learning and self-study by reviewing the list of IFMA's 11 core...
    • 26 Oct 2018

    5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Knowledge Library

    Here are 5 quick tips to help you get the most out of the Knowledge Library. Whether you've been using the Knowledge Library for a while, off-and-on, or even if this is your first time here, it can be a little overwhelming. With over 950 resources available--and new content added weekly--it can be hard to keep up with all the features and benefits the Knowledge Library has to offer. This short infographic outlines...
    • 10 Oct 2018

    Announcement for Council and Community Facility Professionals

    IFMA and the Knowledge Library team have been working to bring you an incredible opportunity to showcase your hard work and dedication as a facility management professional within your industry. As a council or community leader , you have likely encountered a problem that you've found an effective solution for. And, someone else could be facing that very same problem right now. That’s where YOU come in! We...
    • 9 Oct 2018

    October's Featured Author: Paul Djuric

    Check out this incredible piece from author Paul Djuric. Paul Djuric is October's featured author, recognized for having one of the most innovative content pieces in the Knowledge Library while making valuable contributions to the important topics of IoT and the importance of being prepared with cyber security solutions in the FM world. Cyber Threat and The FM solution This white paper explores the threats posed...
    • 1 Oct 2018

    October Content Spotlight: Leadership and Strategy

    Leaders are found at all levels of an organization. Whether you lead a team, a project or the whole shebang, you're in a position to inspire and influence your organization, ignite and manage change, elevate business performance and enhance the workplace experience. Browse the following content on improving processes and making a difference through workplace, culture and staffing strategies. Search the library by...
    • 18 Sep 2018

    Why Should your Content be in the Knowledge Library: We Want Your Content!

    The Knowledge Library was born in 2015 out of a request from our members. Since then, the Knowledge Library continues to grow and evolve as additional content comes in. The Knowledge Library has become a resource for many FMs around the world and that is thanks to the many authors that have written and sent their content our way. The content published in the Knowledge Library is carefully reviewed for value, quality,...
    • 5 Sep 2018

    September's Featured Author: Chris Hodges

    Check out this incredible content collection from author Chris Hodges. Chris Hodges is September's featured author, recognized for being one of the most prolific authors of the Knowledge Library and has made incredible contributions to the topics of sustainability in facility management. Sustainable FM Getting Started The basics of sustainable facility management, including an outline of essential strategies and...
    • 30 Aug 2018

    September featured topic: Human factors

    Your management of place has a direct impact on the people inside. Equally, the needs and expectations of people within the built environment directly influence the development, operations and experience of place. The human factor plays an essential role in the performance and goals of the organization and in creating the workplace of the future. Browse content to better facilitate elevated workplace experiences. Search...
    • 17 Aug 2018

    7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Knowledge Library

    The world seems to be moving faster than ever and it's made us busier than ever, struggling to save time and energy wherever we can. So, to help you do that, we’ve put together a few quick tips on how to get the most out of the Knowledge Library so you can find the content you need as quickly as possible. Tip # 1 - Save the site to your bookmark bar The best way to stay updated on the latest content from...
    • 15 Aug 2018

    We Want to Hear from You!

    The Knowledge Library Team wants to know what you think of the Knowledge Library. Our goal is to make this space an enjoyable experience for you and most importantly provide you with a platform that equips you for any situation in the workplace. Your feedback is essential and helps us create new and refreshing ways to grow and improve the Knowledge Library. Please take a brief moment to answer a few questions for us...
    • 1 Aug 2018

    August 2018 Featured Topic: Emergency Planning and Business Continuity

    From natural disasters to active threats and cyberattacks, preparedness is key to protecting lives and property. Having a recognition, response and recovery strategy is critical to resuming operations after a crisis. Learn how remote employees, technology, facility assessment checklists and other resources are a vital part of your business resilience strategy. Search the library by Category > Emergency Planning and...
    • 1 Jul 2018

    Featured Content for July: Finance and business

    Your ability to effectively demonstrate and communicate how facility management impacts your organization’s operations, performance and bottom line supports your position as a strategic business partner. Browse this month’s content for insights into improving procedures, optimizing resources, collaborating with teams, applying good business practices and preventing fraud. Search the library by Category >...
    • 1 Jun 2018

    Featured Content for June: Real Estate and Property Management

    From workplace strategy and building portfolio management, to location decisions and enhancing the aesthetics of commercial properties, best practices for leveraging property to achieve business objectives are increasingly important to strategic facility management. Browse this month’s selection of articles, research, podcasts and presentations. Want more? Consider becoming a registered user or IFMA member to...
    • 14 May 2018

    Happy World FM Day

    *Content has now been moved back to the Knowledge Pass Access Level.* We are celebrating World FM Day the entire week! Facility management professionals are vital to creating and maintaining the built environment and the Knowledge Library is thrilled to be part of the celebration. We see and appreciate all your behind-the-scenes efforts and long hours to provide safe productive environments — not just this week...
    • 30 Apr 2018

    Featured Content for May: Operations and Maintenance

    Operations and maintenance (O&M) may seem routine; but protecting life and property and ensuring optimal performance of your facility now and into the future is anything but humdrum. Browse O&M-related content for guidance on keeping your facility, its systems and equipment, and occupants/users safe, compliant and operating at peak efficiency. Want more? Consider becoming a registered user or IFMA member to...
    • 2 Apr 2018

    Featured Content for April: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability

    Implementing sustainable practices to meet environmental goals and standards can be as simple as changing a lightbulb or as progressive as rainwater harvesting. Greening your facility can involve a broad range of projects, strategies and products. The Knowledge Library provides research, tools and guidance on implementing, measuring and monitoring sustainable FM programs. Want more? Consider becoming a registered user...
    • 21 Mar 2018

    Energy Efficiency Improvements with LED Lighting

    Justin Stouch, Stouch Lighting Retrofitting your current lighting with an energy efficient LED solution can save you up to 80% in annual (recurring) energy costs. The savings are so significant that you can finance the replacement of your legacy lighting with the cost savings you will realize from retrofitting your facilities with modern LED technology. When evaluating energy savings from advanced LED lights it’s...
    • 21 Mar 2018

    The FM Innovator Podcast

    “The FM Innovator” is a weekly podcast hosted by Mike Petrusky where he and various FM industry leaders discuss workplace trends, challenges, and the future of the built environment. Petrusky has graciously granted the Knowledge Library access to each episode. To search available episodes simply type “ FM Innovator ” in the Title/Keyword search box or follow this link . Happy Learning!