We are in the Spirit of Saving You Money for the Holidays!

The Knowledge Library team is excited to announce our 2018 Holiday Sale for the Knowledge Pass. We are offering 20% off the Knowledge Pass subscription for IFMA members now through December 31st. This is our biggest sale thus far, this is only possible because of our existent Knowledge Pass subscribers finding true value in their annual subscription. We are certain you will too!

The Knowledge Pass is an all-inclusive subscription service for FM professionals and students allowing them to access the latest in research and emerging trends in FM and related fields. This elite access level has content such as templates, exclusive content (benchmarking reports, white papers, etc.) and now videos! The Knowledge Library has added for the first time ever recorded sessions from World Workplace. If you missed out on the amazing technology sessions, you can now access them with the Knowledge Pass subscription.

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal, let us save you money this holiday! Save with us and spend that saved money on your loved ones instead. Once December 31st comes around that is it, so don’t miss out! 

Click here to unlock the Knowledge Pass level and join other FMs like you!


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