These 15 Pieces Will Help you Work Safe, Work Smart, and Return to the Workplace with Confidence

The pandemic has brought about monumental changes to the workplace, to say the least. Facility professionals have seen their roles, responsibilities and visibility increase considerably. To effectively manage these changes, FMs need the resources and knowledge to continue managing your facilities effectively in the next normal. These 15 pieces will help you work safe, work smart, and return to the workplace with confidence.

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If you haven't had a chance to check out any of our Return to Work content on our YouTube channel, here are some great videos to get you started:

How to Plan Your Return to the Workplace | Ep. 05
Experts from Gensler and Ford provide practical, actionable advice on how to plan your return to the workplace and what tools and resources you can use to ensure a smooth transition for your tenants.

Re-entering the Workplace: A strategic framework for Facility Managers | Ep. 06
Experts share key concepts and examples of how facility managers integrate people, place, and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business in this new reality of “life with COVID-19”.

The Future Office: Designing to influence the safe, agile, vibrant workspace | Ep. 11
This episode explores what it takes to influence new safety considerations and help modify tenant behavior in the facility.

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Work safe. Work smart. Return with confidence
As we plan for the return back - to public structures, corporations, and campuses – how we manage our buildings and our spaces, and how occupants engage with that space to do their work, is critical. Learn how you can work safe, work smart and return with confidence as you reimagine and create a safe and efficient workplace for tomorrow and beyond.

Return to Business Guide: 4 Steps Every Workplace and Campus Needs to Know and Do Before Reopening
In this solution guide, you will learn and have access to: The 4 steps for organizations to safely reopen workplace: 1) Facility Safety Policies, 2) Bi-Modal Working, 3) Creating a Touchless Experience, and 4) Internal Communication System.

Work safe, work smart and return with confidence: a pragmatic guide to reopening facilities
As we plan for the return back, how we manage our buildings and our spaces, and how occupants engage with that space, is critical. Learn how you can work safe, work smart and return with confidence as you reimagine and create a safe and efficient workplace.

3 Ways Space Management Solutions Enable a Safer, More Responsive Workplace
Why office space needs are shifting and how space management is being simplified using mature smart building technology that helps create a more responsive workplace.

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Three Essential Elements of Next Generation Building Management Systems (BMS)
In this paper we explain factors driving evolution of BMSs and describe three essential elements necessary for solving management challenges of today and tomorrow. We will also explain how these elements put you on the right path to benefit from future emerging digital technologies.

Return to Office 2021— Innovations at work
The pandemic challenged businesses to adapt and do things differently. See how companies are navigating the complexities of new office demands.

The return to workplace is happening. Is your building ready?
This blog by Scheider Electric takes a look at the four key areas: occupant well-being, space management, occupant engagement, and building operational efficiency, that your building organization needs to address when tenants or occupants return to the workplace.

Intelligent space management + the right services: how to create the workplace experience we all need now
The way we work has changed. But what remains constant is the need to provide the right workplace experience. In the age of COVID, however, that experience has shifted from coffee and snacks to something much more meaningful. Now, the right workplace experience is focused on health, well-being and an environment designed to let everyone do their best work. It starts with space management.

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IDC: IBM Watson Works on Reinforcing a Safe Return to the Workplace
Global market intelligence firm, IDC, reviewed IBM's Watson Works. Their findings: IBM is making strides to support more responsive workplace models beyond the current pandemic. Read the report to learn how you can work safely, work smart, and guard the health, safety and productivity of your people in a changing workplace.

The making of a smart workplace How to phase scenarios for maximum impact
There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for IoT deployment in the workplace. It largely depends on business priorities. Nevertheless, in a first stage, organizations typically MONITOR parameters such as building occupancy, comfort, and employee happiness. The data is rendered on dashboards and heat maps to understand trends and support decision making. As a next step, the same data is frequently made available through interactive screens and mobile apps to ASSIST occupants in real time. In a further stage, organizations often use sensor data and smart apps to TRANSFORM the way their buildings are managed and serviced.

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Top 6 Features For A Safer Workplace
Workplace Reentry: Purpose-built features to bring employees back to the office safely. To facilitate a healthy, productive back to work transition, it's necessary to focus on three key areas: the workforce, the workplace, and the technology to support both.

How to Optimize Space and Improve Employee Productivity with Smart Buildings
Space matter. It’s at the heart of your real estate strategy and helps you deliver the right workplace experience. In this 20-minute webinar, you'll discover how to uncover occupancy trends that matter and make the most of your space.


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