Special Feature: Climate Change Report, Fire Safety and Sustainability

In response to the bushfires in Australia, IFMA is working with other FM associations and the Red Cross to support those in need. As part of that effort, we've complied this collection of helpful resources on climate change impact, sustainability and fire safety. If you have best practices or resources that would be helpful to other members, please share them in our Engage forum.

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All of this content has been made open access and available to anyone.

Climate change and fire safety content

Better Than Financial Metrics: The Importance of Environmental Performance Metrics
Effective environmental performance measurement proves organizational environmental responsibility, but also points to actions that can further enhance environmental performance while simultaneously improving operational and capital performance.

Climate Change Fundamentals for Facility Management Professionals
A guide to help you understand and prepare your facilities for the threat of climate change. Curated from multiple scientific studies, this free report reduces three-thousand pages of scientific evidence to 30 pages of key points that every FM can use immediately.

Use this guide to develop, test, and critique an emergency response plan. Gain perspective by reviewing the strengths and oversights of the Los Angeles Metro Gateway headquarters building emergency preparedness plan when tested by a fire in 2011.

Fire Alarm and Safety - Scope of Work
This Scope of Work template provides the basis of an agreement describing the necessary work to be performed in the area of fire alarm safety.

General Fire Inspection Protection - Scope of Work
This Scope of Work template provides the basis of an agreement describing the necessary work to be performed in the area of fire inspection and protection.

International Climate Zone Tables
A collection of tables listing the climate zone number for various international locations, including international climate zone definitions outlining zone number, zone name, and thermal criteria in I-P and SI units.

RICS Modus: Putting the Built Environments Climate Commitments into Practice
This article discusses measures the property and construction professions need to implement to meet environmental targets set at the 2015 United Nations COP 21 climate talks in Paris.

Tools and Tips for Fire Safety
Widmer examines the strategic use of standpipe hose systems throughout commercial buildings as a critical component of a balanced fire protection design.

Sustainability guides

Sustainability How-to Guide: Measuring and Monitoring
This guide has been designed to assist FMs in understanding how to establish a measuring and monitoring program by discussing investigation and documentation processes used to ensure optimized efficiency and performance throughout an organization.

Sustainability How-To Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to Water Conservation
This guide provides instructions to help facility managers benchmark, evaluate and reduce water consumption, defining domestic, processed and outdoor water types and explaining strategies to reduce each.

Sustainability How-to Guide: Carbon Footprint
This guide provides process tools for monitoring building-related carbon emissions, presenting the GHG emission inventory process, discussing best practices and benchmarking, and explaining climate action planning and reporting procedure.

Sustainability How-To Guide: Commissioning Existing Buildings
This guide addresses sustainability implementation within existing structures. The commissioning process is described, including how to select a project, issue a request for qualifications and develop a current facility requirements document.

Sustainability How-to Guide: Engaging Occupants in Your Sustainability Program
This guide introduces the benefits of engaging occupants in sustainability initiatives and provides a step-by-step approach for designing, implementing and measuring the impact of an occupant engagement program to achieve positive behavior changes.

Sustainability How-to Guide: Getting Started
This guide details implementation strategy for sustainable FM programs in existing buildings, providing direction to assess the organization, identify initiatives to determine their value, and implement, measure and monitor program effectiveness. 

Sustainability How-To Guide: Sustainable Landscaping
This guide reviews the design, construction and maintenance stages of landscaping, explaining how to incorporate sustainability at each phase, decrease maintenance costs and calculate return on investment.


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