Special Feature: Beginner Resources for New FMs

By popular request, we've compiled a list of content in the Knowledge Library that is perfect for facility professionals that are new to the industry or just starting out in their career. Learn the skills and best practices you need to be effective in your role. This collection of resources focuses on how-to, best practices and FM policies & procedures.

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Top 10 Skills Every Facility Manager Needs to Succeed
What strengths and skills are employers seeking from facility manager candidates? Here are 10 skills you need to move up as a facilities leader.

An Example of an Effective Lockout-Tagout Procedure
Gain an understanding of lockout-tagout (or lock and tag), a safety procedure used in industry and research settings to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work.

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A Comprehensive Safety Program Checklist
The article outlines the use of comprehensive safety programs and checklists that go above and beyond simple compliance in order to ensure optimal work conditions and enhance the bottom line.

Facility Management History and Evolution
By synthesizing the evolution of FM, this paper aims to answer the question, “Did the need to provide a separate name to describe the management of facilities arise as the nature of the business moved from core competence to business critical?”

Workplace Management Framework
The WMF is designed to be applied to all types of workplaces and embraces high tech workplaces, (including Power Stations, Data Centers and Industrial Premises), through to high touch workplaces in which the support for the working activities of people is the primary purpose (these include offices, serviced offices, homes and people working on the move). In between these two extremes we have workplaces such as hospitals, schools, universities and prisons, which we also embrace within the WMF.

Energy Policy in the Next Congress
Congressman Inslee explores issues and legislative measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce dependency on dirty fossil fuels as well as the FM's role in these important processes.

Standard Practice for Building Floor Area Measurements for FM
Standard practices for building floor area measurement for facility management, including terminology, floor area relationships, rules for measurement, measurement procedures and multiple diagrams for reference.

Sustainability How-To Guide Series
A collection of 16 how-to guides that provide insights on a wide range of facilities management topics. Topics include: energy savings, lighting solutions, landscaping, water conservation, cleaning, data center efficiency and more...

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GSA Innovative Workplaces: Benefits and Best Practices
The GSA’s Office of Government wide Policy (OGP) identifies workplace support trends, discusses the evolution of the federal workplace and outlines the benefits of innovative approaches by presenting case studies on successful federal implementations.

Best Practices for Dealing with Mold, Indoor Air Quality and Asbestos
An overview presented by an industry consultant and expert of best practices in mold, indoor air quality and asbestos maintenance meant to protect your business, facility and occupants.

Increasing Worker Engagement through Environment, Policy and Technology
A case study of the Cisco Connected Workspace designed for a solutions-based, highly collaborative global workforce, guided by design solutions for optimized effectiveness, engagement, efficiency, and environment.

Driving Distractions Policy
Outline of driver distractions for identification of hazards in the workplace and application of appropriate controls to reduce risk. Distractors, including electronic devices and driving behaviors, are detailed with related laws and enforcements.

Security Badge Policies and Procedures
Security badge policy and procedures for associates, contractors, temporary workers and guests of home office or field office facilities, used in order to heighten building security and secure confidential data.

Facility Best Practices That Don't Break the Bank
Review best practices for organization management, including steps for creating a meaningful strategic plan, effective communication practices, a successful internship program and professional development/training for your FM organization.

GIS Best Practices for Facilities Management
This white paper identifies best practices in planning, selecting and implementing an enterprise GIS (EGIS) solution. Readers will gain an understanding of key EGIS software features, the desirability of adopting industry standards and the importance of acquiring a thorough grasp of organizational data requirements when planning an EGIS.

Sustainability Tools and Practices
Learn about the first steps to getting a green campaign started, including tools and best practices for establishing a policy, strategic plan, team and budget.

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Business Continuity Planning 101
A comprehensive presentation on business continuity planning (BCP), addressing compliance factors as well as best practices for plan development, testing and maintenance.