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Schneider Electric has a ton of content that is useful to facility managers. Here are 11 of the best pieces from Schneider Electric covering healthy buildings, smart building technology, how to ensure occupant health, and much more.

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Healthy Hotels - Adapting to the New Normal with Hotel Technology Solutions
Hospital-grade disinfectants, deep-cleaning of high-touch surfaces, hand sanitizing stations, PPE for staff, social distancing protocols, and contactless check-in are all important tactics, but there are additional hotel technology innovations that can help these organizations take the concept of “healthy hotels” to the next level.

Innovation Talk Highlights: Healthy Buildings
A panel of experts share their tips and success stories on how we can better seize the benefits of digitization to serve our safety, efficiency, and sustainability goals.

Smart building mobile apps boost employee engagement, productivity, and safety
The importance of re-engaging employees and how smart building technology can help.

Ensuring Occupant Health
Key findings and insights from a global study of 21 office buildings.

Healthy buildings: How technologies can reduce infectious disease transmission
Building controls integrated with smart building technology and applications can be enabled to help simplify, improve, and automate safety and infection risk management. These technologies can play a central role in identifying threats, reducing risks of infectious disease transmission, and monitoring for policy compliance.

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4 Ways Smart Building Technology Helps Optimize Operational Efficiency
This blog covers smart building technology and how it helps optimize operational efficiency and optimizing facility management and reduce costs. This is apart of a blog series that has been discussing important steps to take as employees are returning to the workplace.

How HVAC and IAQ optimization supports healthy buildings now (part 1)
This blog post goes over the steps needed to ensure occupant well-being.

How HVAC and IAQ optimization supports healthy buildings in the long-term (part 2)
This blog from Schneider Electric covers how to sustain a healthy building over the long term.

Returning Your Smart Buildings to Normal After Periods of Low Occupancy
This application note explores best practices for returning your smart building to normal following low periods of occupancy. Special considerations are recommended for returning people to buildings following a global health crisis. All building systems are considered, and the objective is to provide comprehensive guidance to ensure safety, maximum efficiency, and readiness once the building reopens.

Smart Buildings and the Future of Work
This report explains the advantages that smart buildings offer to occupiers and developers of commercial real estate.

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Now is the Time to Move to the Next-Generation of Building Management Systems
The capabilities of a building management system, or BMS, need to evolve to keep up with the demands of building owners, operators, and tenants. The traditional view of BMS technology (or ‘building automation systems’) has mostly focused on HVAC, and the controllers and on-premise software that supports the system. Any integration with other building systems – e.g. access control, fire control, lighting, etc. – has typically been ‘loosely coupled’, with data being displayed for simple context or awareness.


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