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Content Spotlight from Schneider Electric featuring content to help you leverage smart building technology, future-proof your BMS and make your buildings safer, healthier, and more sustainable.

Digital Services
A guide to how connected experts help you make data-driven decisions for your facilities to run continuously, efficiently, and sustainably.

How extended reality empowers the electrical operation and maintenance workforce
While electrical distribution systems have become more complex, seasoned electrical professionals are retiring, and operational budgets are tightening. This leaves facility management teams with fewer, less-experienced people to maintain critical assets and respond to any threats to electrical continuity while frequently working on unfamiliar equipment under stressful conditions. Using extended reality (XR) technology – including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality – is already well-established in applications like healthcare, manufacturing, and industrial training. This paper demonstrates how emerging XR tools apply to electrical distribution to accelerate training while empowering the facility workforce to improve safety and efficiency, and save time isolating risks and restoring power.

Reducing Infectious Disease Risks with Smart Building Technologies and Management Systems
Global pandemics like COVID-19 put the transmission of viruses and the spread of infectious diseases at the forefront of concerns for commercial building owners, building managers, and their tenants. Even after a pandemic has receded, identify- ing and reducing occupant health risks remains a critical and necessary function of building operations teams. Carrying out this function successfully requires having an effective facility management program, as well as the right technology tools. This paper focuses on the technology aspect. We show how building management systems (BMS) and associated smart building technologies play a central role in identifying threats, reducing risks of infectious disease transmission, and monitoring for policy compliance.

Modernizing Building Management System: 7 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Take Action
7 reasons why you need to make your BMS future-ready.

Designing For Facility Management 2.0: Changing how digital systems are specified to achieve smart building outcomes
Building owners and tenants are demanding greater, verifiable performance from the buildings they operate or lease. Smart building technology is critical to helping facility management teams proactively make buildings safer, healthier, and more sustainable, but the required digital infrastructures to support many of these new FM outcomes are often not properly specified and included in new building construction. This paper reveals the current barriers responsible for the traditional design-build process and proposes a more collaborative path forward, including the tangible benefits to each stakeholder with proof of success.

IntenCity, a new net-zero energy Building of the Future
IntenCity, Schneider Electric’s new net-zero energy Building of the Future in Grenoble, France is a showcase for the company’s commitment to sustainability.


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