February 2022 Featured Content: Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity

The following features will help you plan better for unexpected emergencies and help you ensure business continuity in your facilities. Learn the basics of business continuity planning, how to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, how to improve your emergency plans, reduce risks and more. Also be sure to get your free copy of IFMA's Pandemic Manual.

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Accelerate your Facility's Emergency Game Plan
Watch this on-demand webinar to hear a lively discussion with Head of School Operations for Middletown School District in Connecticut. We talked through the importance of quick access to facility information to help first responders get to know your building’s floor plans, exits, windows and evacuation routes – life saving details for the safety and protection of students and staff.

Hands on Information for Facilities Teams-Keys to Emergency Preparedness
"Maintaining safe school buildings is a tough job, made even more challenging with emergencies like the pandemic, active shooters, floods, and fires. The Chief of School Operations at the Middletown School District has discovered an easy way to keep on top of and share school building and emergency plans, shut-offs, and equipment information – with an easy-to-use app. He shares his tips for proactive emergency preparedness in this blog post. "

Disaster Response Management: Bank Reopening Checklist
This detailed checklist can be used to assess a bank branch, or other small office facilities after a natural disaster. It provides a checklist, and overview of the assessors responsibilities.

How the Pandemic Flu of 1918 impacted the Heating and Ventilation Industry
In reaction to the Pandemic Flu of 1918, the Fresh Air Movement was enacted, it forced engineers to design boilers to meet the load of windows being fully open on the coldest day of the year. One hundred years later there are many buildings that are still standing today that are affected by this costly mistake.

Is Your Disaster Plan in Place?
Implement emergency preparedness through business continuity management and disaster recovery planning, including risk evaluation and control, business impact analysis (BIA) and follow-up business continuity strategies.

IFMA Town Hall COVID-19 Series #3 - FM Challenges During the Pandemic 2020
Global facility management pandemic discussion. Global regional facility management practices.

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Business Continuity Planning
Key elements, processes, and purposes of business continuity and emergency planning are defined along with typical scenarios that can be used in the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process to collect information on critical business functions.

Addressing the Threat of Terrorism: Guidelines for Prevention and Response
Research assisting facility managers in creation and revision of an anti-terrorism plan and terrorism response plan, which are both component to the overall strategic business plan, including preparation measures and a list of potential threats.

Protecting Your Building: Blast Mitigation for Existing Facilities
A webinar provided by IFMA’s Museum/Cultural Institutions Council delivering advice from the Smithsonian Institution for FMs to implement terrorism-related risk assessment, planning and preparedness implementation, including a blast assessment to determine current level of bomb protection.

Risk Reduction Synergistic Strategies
An IFMA Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) Community webinar addressing data-driven emergency planning and risk mitigation strategies, including specific technological and communication processes for emergency preparedness, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Emergency Management: Practical Tools and Resources that Every FM Needs
When the next natural disaster hits, how prepared will your site be? Do you have an emergency operations plan in place and ready to go? When is the last time you’ve conducted an emergency planning and response exercise? This webinar will help answer these questions and will be packed full of practical tools and training resources that all Facility Managers need to know and understand. Joined by an expert from FEMA’s National Preparedness Directorate, we will explain the preparedness cycle and the six step planning process for creating high-quality emergency operations plans.

When the Smoke Clears: How Planning Enabled Business to Continue During the Northern California Wildfires
How ready are you for a big disaster? As a small business, when we undertook the ISO Business Continuity Management Systems certification, we knew it would be a challenge and that it would help us plan for business interruptions. However, until we experienced a real emergency and office closure, we did not appreciate how much it actually helped us prepare for what came to be known as the most destructive fire in California history. Using the lessons we learn through that experience, we will share the key planning efforts that allow us to maintain communications and business operations during the event and through the aftermath.

The Disaster Experience QuickFire for Facility Managers
Learn the basics of business continuity planning, including principles of emergency management, business continuity outlining and planning produce, questions for self-evaluating disaster readiness, and a guide for training and testing exercises.

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The 17 Mistakes Made in Emergency Plans and How to Avoid and Correct Them
Review why emergency plans are integral to strategic emergency preparedness and business continuity, while identifying seventeen common errors and oversights of emergency planning.

Winter Preparedness Checklist
Use this winter preparedness checklist to properly maintain your facility's cooling and heating systems, extend the life of your HVAC equipment and save yourself from costly repairs.

Business Continuity Planning 101
A comprehensive presentation on business continuity planning (BCP), addressing compliance factors as well as best practices for plan development, testing and maintenance.

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