Our Top 10 Most Popular Pieces of 2018

The New Year brings with it time for reflection. You might find yourself asking questions like, ‘How did I do last year? What progress did I make in my life, my career? What goals did I achieve?’

Well, we hope you had an incredible year and that you made great strides in growing your FM career. And so, in the spirit of reflection, we wanted to look back on last year and showcase the content you found most valuable in helping you become a better facility manager.

Before we jump in, we want to say thanks to all of you for your involvement with IFMA and, more importantly, for what you do each and every day to enhance our quality of life and improve the built environment.

Content Links (in order of most downloads)

  1. Facility Management History and Evolution, Article
  2. Redefining the Executive View of Facility Management (FM), White Paper
  3. Workplace Change Management: An Overview, White Paper
  4. Raising the Bar 1: Enhancing the Strategic Role of FM, Research
  5. 5 Ways Remote Working is Impacting Business Resilience, Article
  6. An Example of an Effective Lockout-Tagout Procedure, Article
  7. Wireless Solutions for Business Automation, Presentation
  8. Retro-commissioning: A New Low-hanging Fruit for Energy Savings, Presentation
  9. The Workplace Management Framework, Research
  10. Improving Facilities Work Management Using Statistical Process Control (SPC), Presentation


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We really hope you find value in the content and resources published in the Knowledge Library. And, if you know someone else that could benefit from the Knowledge Library, please feel free to share this piece!