October Content Spotlight: Leadership and Strategy

Leaders are found at all levels of an organization. Whether you lead a team, a project or the whole shebang, you're in a position to inspire and influence your organization, ignite and manage change, elevate business performance and enhance the workplace experience. Browse the following content on improving processes and making a difference through workplace, culture and staffing strategies.

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Workplace Innovator Podcast with Mike Petrusky, Ep. 10: Employee Engagement and Culture Change Strategies with Author and Speaker Jill Christensen
Workplace Innovator Podcast with Mike Petrusky, Ep. 5: Strategic Solutions for Intelligent Offices with Dusty Duistermars
Procurement of Facility Management
Why Facilities Managers Should Adopt a Multigenerational Staffing Strategy
CEOs and CFOs Describe the Impact of Workplace Strategy on Business Results
Workplace Change Management: An Overview
Gender-balanced Teams Linked to Better Business Performance: A Sodexo Study
Improving Facilities Work Management Using Statistical Process Control (SPC)

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