October 2019 Featured Content: Leadership & Strategy

Brush up on your leadership and strategy skills with this month's featured content. Learn about change management in the workplace, how to enhance the strategic role in FM, how to develop future FM leaders and more.

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Workplace Change Management: An Overview
People have a natural resistance to change. Despite good business reasons for transforming the workplace, employees often feel vulnerable during the process. Workplace change management should be executed carefully and thoughtfully. The goal is to create a well-crafted program that provides support for employees, assisting them in getting back to work quickly to avoid productivity loss. This paper discusses the importance of workplace change management and provides basic steps to success.

Raising the Bar 1: Enhancing the Strategic Role of FM
This research reviewed the current state of practice in the facilities profession and identify critical FM challenges. It focused in particular on the relationships between FM and other key functional areas.

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Redefining the Executive View of Facility Management (FM)
The executive view of facility management continues to evolve as the industry itself shifts and adapts to new influences, technologies, and challenges. These shifts take many forms, and ultimately, have an effect on the perception of FM by the C-suite and the industry’s success in positioning itself as a valued strategic partner to the business.

Raising the Bar 3: From Operational Excellence to Strategic Impact in FM
This third installment in the ground-breaking "Raising the Bar" research series by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, published in collaboration with IFMA, makes a powerful case for how, as an industry, FM makes significant contributions to business success and organizational effectiveness. This research identifies the key issues facing the industry and offers ways FM can build recognition and understanding within the C-suite, among other business leaders and with related infrastructure groups.

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Tips on Enhancing Employee Productivity in the Workplace: What FMs Can Do to Contribute to Employee Productivity
Paying attention to employee satisfaction and comfort shows your employees that you care. Happy employees lead to better business results. Using Dr. Sally Augustin's bibliography titled "Applying What Scientists Know About Where and How People Work Best" This article provides tips to help you enhance employee productivity.

Establishment of KPIs for Facility Performance
Identification of key performance indicators (KPIs) and classification based on aspects of facility performance measurement: financial, physical, functional, and survey-based, including their description, units of measurement, and literature sources.

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A Deliberated Talent Management Approach Toward Developing Future FM Leaders
Trend reports project up to 50 percent of the experienced FM workforce will leave the workplace within 10-15 years. Accordingly, this white paper explains why current leadership should develop and implement FM human capital talent management plans that focus on development of future leaders.

Trends and Issues Shaping the FM Profession
A 2014 presentation of the Corporate Facilities Council on primary and secondary trends that are leading assessment, change, and evaluation in FM.