November's Featured Author: Diane Coles Levine

Diane Coles Levine is our November featured author, recognized for her constant contributions to the Knowledge Library and FM world by sharing her knowledge and experience in topics such as workplace management, workplace change and workplace strategies in the FM industry to name a few. 

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About the Author Diane Coles Levine has been a driver of workplace strategy within the facility management (FM) community for more than 25 years. She is a cofounder of IFMA’s Workplace Evolutionaries community and the IFMA Foundation Workplace Strategy Research Summits. She is also an award-winning co-editor and author of the “Work on the Move” books and recently completed a three-year term on IFMA’s global board of directors. A sought-after speaker who has guest lectured at MIT and the Vienna University of Technology, Coles Levine has been actively involved in the IFMA Foundation and is one of the pioneers of the foundation’s Global Workforce Initiative.

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