November 2019 Feature Content: Project Management

Manage your projects easier and more efficiently. Learn how to setup and plan projects, identify project challenges, encourage team alignment, get buy-in and support from leadership and more.

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Improving Facilities Work Management Using Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Learn how a leadership team acquired standard performance metrics to measure the effects of current/improved processes and manage their implementation using four measurement categories: customer satisfaction, cost/efficiency, cycle time and defects.

Humanizing the Workplace: Using Design Principles to Inspire Workplace Thinking
As part of the Sodexo 2016 Workplace Trends Report, the following set of design principles has both gaps and areas of substantial overlap. They are neither comprehensive nor discrete, as they span spatial, organizational, cultural and experiential elements of the workplace. They represent perspectives and viewpoints that may help guide or at least influence managers and leaders who are charged with humanizing the workplace for today’s employees.

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P In FM Project Management For The FM Professional
Research to establish and reinforce the correlation between FM and Project Management (PM), outlining ways PM best practices can be implemented in the FM field and suggesting methods by which PM can be better optimized using FM practices.

Episode 4: Workplace Project Management and AEC Insight with Brittanie Campbell-Turner
Mike Petrusky met with Brittanie Campbell-Turner during IFMA’s Facility Fusion in Chicago, Illinois, and she shared her passion for the construction industry and offered insights gathered from interviewing guests while recording more than 60 episodes of her show. Culture change requires a mindset shift to apply the data and information we have available so that people can learn how best to interact with technology.

Developing Projects in a Vacuum Sucks
Identification of major project challenges and advice to create an open environment for increased collaboration with end users and subject matter experts, thus minimizing risk in project management scenarios.

Team Alignment on Complex Projects
This episode discusses the importance of leadership and developing safe social constructs in order to create resilient, humble and effective teams. Teams that can create clear goals and reach them.

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An Overview of Project Management Relocation Webinar
The process of developing a comprehensive relocation project plan and management strategies for the various elements of it are discussed.

Space and Project Management Benchmarks Research Report 28
A survey conducted in 2006 of IFMA professional members in the United States and Canada, addressing benchmarking research in space management, project management, and related move management.

Your Space or Mine New Findings from IFMA's Space and Project Management Study
Results from IFMA’s 2010 Space and Project Management Benchmarks Research Report. An entry point for FMs pursuing industry data in space comparisons, including facility type and industry sector factors that affect cost and space usage.

Developing an Effective Statement of Work (SOW) for Operations Service Contracts
This webinar will identify the (surprisingly simple!) elements of an effective SOW. Templates for developing SOWs will be provided, along with discussion of how to increase vendor innovation during the bidding process. Tangible examples from a variety of facility contracts and construction projects will be shared (e.g., custodial, maintenance, design/construction, waste management, business services, and more).

Sell Your Projects with CFO Jargon
Learn how to develop meaningful facility-related ratios to measure performance; justify your projects using finance terminology and CFO- speak; and explain how facility management impacts the agency’s finances.

The Recipe for a Perfect Project It's All in the Planning
An overview of process variables for interior fit-out projects, briefly addressing owner responsibilities, project team composition, due diligence and detail programming requirements, contracting delivery methodology and project coordination.

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Facilities Projects Manager - Job Description
This template provides you with the job description and qualifications for a Facilities Project Manager position.

The Struggle with Projects and Work Orders
Solving facility management challenges in public agencies and universities is easier through incremental change. Bring positive change through a robust standardized definition and more efficient request routing.


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