May 2019 Feature: Operations and maintenance

Facility operations and maintenance (O&M) are an FM professional’s bread and butter; but ensuring the safety, comfort and optimal performance of your facility now and into the future is anything but routine. Browse O&M-related content for guidance on keeping your facility, its systems and equipment, and occupants/users safe, compliant and operating at peak efficiency. 

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Webinar series:

Project Delivery Systems: What Works and What Does Not?

A crash course on the advantages and challenges of using today’s most common construction project delivery systems.

Operations and Maintenance Benchmarks: A Qualitative Analysis of Facility Practices

Learn about the Qualitative Analysis Benchmarking Report, which provides data on practices and tools being used in the quality management of facility services.

The How and Why of Benchmarking

Acquire three simple tools for improving your organization’s path toward a measured FM organization. Results and analysis from IFMA’s benchmarking studies.

White paper:

Procurement of Facility Management

Published by IFMA and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), this professional statement and guidance note provides information on the factors that need to be considered throughout a procurement process, including activities and key decisions before, during and after.


Keep Your Cool: 5 Tips to Ensure HVAC Efficiency

Gain practical tips and best practices to ensure your facilities offer a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment for customers year-round.


Facilities Technology Trends and Buying Best Practices

Review insights and industry trends about the value facility leaders place on technology and their belief about how it will influence team performance and effectiveness.


The Complete Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Audit

Use this checklist to find potential hazards in all areas of your facilities.


Mike Petrusky, Ep. 4: Workplace Project Management & AEC Insight with Brittanie Campbell-Turner

Brittanie Campbell-Turner explains how culture change requires a mindset shift to apply the data and information we have available so that people can learn how best to interact with technology.


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