March content spotlight: Technology

New technologies have already changed the way we work; but tech is still evolving, and quickly. What else is coming and how will it affect FM? How do we distinguish useful tech from the latest bright, shiny object? And just how tech-savvy must we be to ensure we’re not outsmarted by our buildings or overwhelmed by unrealistic wants?

FM thought leaders help you hone in on technology essentials good for you and your organization. Find out what to do now to bring your facility into the present and set a solid foundation for the future.


Mike Petrusky interviews facility management and workplace leaders on how to use tech, talent and tenacity to create the best workplaces on earth.

Ep. 37: Make Your Employees Fall in Love With Your Workplace and Dramatically Impact Your Bottom Line

Ep. 30: “The Employee Experience Advantage” Revisited – Enhancing Workplace Technology and Elevating Culture

Ep. 26: Opportunities in Real Estate and Technology: An Inspirational Career Journey With Katy Redmond

Ep. 24: Asset Management, BIM and Building Tech for Workplace Leaders With Michael DeLacey


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