February content spotlight: Emergency Preparedness & Sustainability

Record low temperatures across the Midwest and Northeast U.S. are collapsing electrical grids, freezing gas lines and creating power outages. Some states have even asked residents to lower their thermostats to ease the strain on local utilities. Extreme weather conditions can cause equipment and system malfunctions, not only posing serious risks to life, but the everyday operation of your business.

For the month of February, and with the polar vortex topping the news headlines, we’ve changed up our monthly feature and compiled content that will help you address the winterizing, emergency preparedness and ongoing sustainability needs in your facilities.

Stay warm and stay safe.

Weathering the Winter, Registered Access
What steps to FMs need to take to ensure fire protection systems will function properly during cold temperatures? Learn the specific steps from Castle and ensure the safety of your property.
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Preparing a Facility for Winter, Registered Access
A checklist for properly managing and maintaining your cooling and heating systems in order to ensure efficient operations, tenant comfort, reduced repair costs, and extend the lifespan of equipment.
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Sustainability How-To Guide: US Government Policy Impacts, Registered Access
This guide examines the U.S. government’s sustainability initiatives and describes the opportunities they afford to facility managers, providing a significant body of knowledge including best-in-class tools, resources and benchmarking information.
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Sustainability How-To Guide: Carbon Footprint, Registered Access
This guide provides process tools for monitoring building-related carbon emissions, presenting the GHG emission inventory process, discussing best practices and benchmarking, and explaining climate action planning and reporting procedure.
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Sustainability How-To Guide: Global Green Cleaning, Registered Access
This guide outlines the steps to establish a comprehensive green cleaning program, covering key topics such as indoor air quality, green cleaning products and equipment, greenwashing, green cleaning service providers and performance measurements.
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California Sustainable Design Legislation: What All FM Leaders Need to Know, Open Access
Sustainable design legislation in California is changing the way that facilities will be designed and operated. These changes have implications for other U.S. states, as the legislation addresses environmental issues that face the entire nation.
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ASHRAE Journal, Greening Hospitals, Kaiser Permanente, Open Access
How California-based Kaiser Permanente designed hospitals to improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort, energy use, maintenance and operation, cost effectiveness, and environmental impact.
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Using a Room-by-Room Approach to Energy Curtailment and Greening, Knowledge Pass
Align your energy management program with org culture by developing a room-by-room approach to energy management. Promote education, awareness and the importance of conservation and sustainability while achieving significant cost savings.
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