June 2019 feature: Real Estate and Property Management

Gain insight into property management and maintenance practices, sustainable landscaping and more with this month's collection of content focused on the Real Estate and Property Management core competency.

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How To:

Sustainability How-to Guide: Carbon Footprint

This guide provides process tools for monitoring building-related carbon emissions, presenting the GHG emission inventory process, discussing best practices and benchmarking, and explaining climate action planning and reporting procedure.

Sustainability How-To Guide: Sustainable Landscaping

This guide reviews the design, construction and maintenance stages of landscaping, explaining how to incorporate sustainability at each phase, decrease maintenance costs and calculate return on investment.

White paper:

Coping with Construction-Related Noise and Vibrations

A university lab construction process is presented as a case study to illustrate important concepts related to construction vibration and noise, demonstrating the need for sound construction planning and third party verification to mitigate concerns.

From Property Management to Facility Management: The Revolution in China

Explore reasons why ergonomics should be attributed to FM, learn how an ergonomics program can strategically position FM in corporate business operations and discuss the business case for an integrated ergonomics program.


Place Matters: The Changing Urban Landscape for Real Estate and Location Decisions

Where are workplaces today (and will there be a change in location decisions); what will these new workplaces need to consider based on the organizational style, technology infrastructure, work patterns and resource constraints; and what can workplace strategists learn from urban planners?

The Power of Leverage in Real Estate and Workplace Strategy

Workplace project case studies explore how too much leverage is lost in organizations due to a lack of a comprehensive real estate and workplace strategy.

Women in the Real Estate Industry

This article explores how younger, female graduates working as real estate managers and CEOs construct what the study refers to as “femininities,” and create a career in organizations that some argue are dominated by males.


Value Creation and the Contribution of Corporate Real Estate

Articulate corporate real estate (CRE) value contribution by mapping enterprise value to identify links between real estate activities and specific financial drivers, thus recognizing ways the CRE function may contribute to enhanced decision-making.


Retrocommissioning: New Low-hanging Fruit for Energy Savings

An introduction to retrocommissioning opportunities, process and benefits, including case study findings and common themes of retrocommission projects.


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