July 2021 Content Feature: Finance and Business

This July, we want to shed light on finance and business. Here are 10 pieces that cover controlling expenses, maintaining the value of your real estate, sustainability on a budget, and much more.

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Cut It Out! A Guide for Controlling Expenses Through Environmentally-friendly Practices
A guide for controlling expenses through environmentally-friendly practices that are lean, green, and effective, achieving immediate operating cost efficiency.

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Maintaining the Value of Your Real Estate in the Post-Pandemic World
This paper discusses how smart, connected technologies and advisory services help owners and operators meet the challenges of the ‘new normal’ of today and tomorrow by helping ensure occupant well-being, simplifying space management, and offering a more engaging experience, while facility teams remotely manage building systems for greater efficiency and reliability.

Scope Your Way to Better Budgets
This session will explain what you need to know about creating a Scope of Work that will get your estimate off to a winning start.

Sustainability on a Budget
FMs evaluate the sustainability of the existing facility, plan reductions in environmental impact, increase energy efficiency, and promote healthy work environments while aligning with the overall business objectives.

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Pay Me Now or Pay Me a Lot More Later
Learn how to get the budget you need to prevent catastrophes instead of cleaning them up. Discuss the ways that facility downtime impacts business performance, and learn how to quantify/justify the budget and staffing needed to protect your facility.

Fraud: How to Detect and Prevent Financial Fraudulent Financial Practices in Your Organization
Learn how to identify and prevent fraudulent financial activity in your organization through reviewing this internal fraudulence case study and resulting advice for an approach of improved procedures, oversight and organizational awareness.

Saving Big Money Creating Value in a Tough Economy
Learn how to save money in a rough economy, create a constant culture of improvement, and generate a competitive bidding process that produces results.

New Ways of Looking at Facility Capital Program Management
Direct comparison of three assessment methodologies, the component, BMAR or parametric methods, to help the reader identify the approach that would produce sufficient information to make capital-funding decisions.

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Grabbing the Attention of the CFO: Finance for Dummies
This presentation will demonstrate simple capital budget analysis of payback and return on investment. Then the concept of life cycle costing and total cost of ownership will be presented. Two real life examples will used to demonstrate the principles of life cycle costing. After all that analysis is completed, there are certain buzz words that will grab the attention of your CFO. Don’t miss this presentation that will provide tools to assist you in getting your capital projects approved.

Get the Supplier You Deserve
Facility Managers rely on service providers to be successful. When they fail, you fail and you don’t have the luxury of blaming others – your organization will hold you accountable. And you only have so many tool and so much time to manage supplier performance after they are procured. This piece busts the myths of procurement and helps you shift the balance from being simply a transaction driven by procurement to becoming an enabler for your success.


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