January 2022 Content Feature: Performance & Quality

As we jump into the new year it's the perfect opportunity to review our facility and facility services' performance to ensure we are delivering continual improvement and meeting stakeholder needs and expectations. January features content that focuses on Performance & Quality within your facilities, and offers tips and thought-leadership on how to better integrate quality into FM operations, enhance employee productivity, leverage performance metrics and more.

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Workplace Change Management: An Overview
People have a natural resistance to change. Despite good business reasons for transforming the workplace, employees often feel vulnerable during the process. Workplace change management should be executed carefully and thoughtfully. The goal is to create a well-crafted program that provides support for employees, assisting them in getting back to work quickly to avoid productivity loss. This paper discusses the importance of workplace change management and provides basic steps to success.

Trend-Setting California Sustainable Design Legislation: What All FM Leaders Need to Know
Sustainable design legislation in California is changing the way that facilities will be designed and operated. These changes have implications for other U.S. states, as the legislation addresses environmental issues that face the entire nation and may constitute the vanguard of future legislation elsewhere in the country. The legislation includes the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Assembly Bill 32), the subsequent anti-sprawl bill of 2008 (Senate Bill 375), the California Green Buildings Standard Code new in 2009, and emerging local initiatives.

Workplace Quality Assessment: A Guide to Office Building Quality
"Offices must be simple and flexible to empower employees, not hinder them. To maintain engagement, companies must prioritize their workspace. By applying simplicity to every level of the process, employers can more efficiently meet the needs of their teams, while supporting a more productive workforce. "

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Zoning in on Performance
Review the six performance-based specifications for evaluating a sound masking system: adjustment zone size, masking sound generation, volume adjustment, frequency adjustment, loudspeaker requirements, and measured results.

Maintaining the Quality of Constructed Facilities Using the Performance Information Measurement System
This study focuses on implementing a measurement system through visual inspection to identify the performance of installed sprayed polyurethane foam roofs (94 roofs) by high-performing contractors over a period of three years in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

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Improving Facility Management Operations Through Optimization of Performance Metrics
Use a customizable maintenance management system (CMMS) to measure performance in organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Then, optimize performance metrics to establish standards, and analyze your data for continuous operational improvement.

ISU Facilities Planning and Management
Using Lean/Six Sigma processes, Iowa State University’s facilities planning and management operation (FP&M) performed a 12-year quality process improvement project under the Baldrige-based Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence (IRPE) criteria.

Tips on Enhancing Employee Productivity in the Workplace: What FMs Can Do to Contribute to Employee Productivity
Paying attention to employee satisfaction and comfort shows your employees that you care. Happy employees lead to better business results. Using Dr. Sally Augustin's bibliography titled "Applying What Scientists Know About Where and How People Work Best," this article provides tips to help you enhance employee productivity.

Integrating Quality into FM Operations
An overview of Quality Management System (QMS) concepts plus steps explaining how to develop and manage an operationally-specific QMS for sustainable facility management and continuous improvement of service delivery.

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Developing an Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey
The Facility Management industry is continuing to strengthen its position as a “customer-focused” business services provider. Surveys are a good way to capture this data. BUT BEWARE – surveys need to capture the right information with the least amount of effort required.


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