Highlighting our Stellar Content Expert: Jeffrey Budimulia

The Knowledge Library team wants you to meet Jeffrey Budimulia, IFMA’s Content Expert for the Knowledge Library.

Budimulia is an ambassador for IFMA in the international arena, especially in Asia, where he helped launch IFMA’s Beijing and Singapore Chapters. In 2001, he was the first FM professional in Singapore to earn the CFM designation. He then became an IFMA qualified instructor, as well as a mentor and coach to students, CFM candidates and young colleagues. He served on IFMA’s global board of directors from 2014 through 2016.

Jeffrey's contributions to the Knowledge Library have played a major key in our success. His efforts to continue to be a source of knowledge are valuable and continue to shape the FM career. As a content expert, Jeffrey reviews content from all education levels, different topics and content type. His FM knowledge and feedback help us provide our Knowledge Library users with quality content. 

We asked Jeffrey to tell us why he continues to be part of the Content Expert group with his busy traveling schedule and this is what he had to say:

"Make IFMA your IFMA" is something that has resonated with me since I joined IFMA many years ago. I have been involved in many programs of IFMA. I became an IFMA Content Expert as a way to give back to the profession and at times you can actually learn something new due to different perspectives. I believe that IFMA as a platform for sharing knowledge and experience is an excellent one. So, to those who are thinking of joining the Content Expert team, just take the plunge. For those thinking to contribute, just do it. There is a saying a journey of 500 miles begin with the first step. I have taken my first step! 

If you would like to join this amazing group of professionals and unlock a door of many opportunities for you while giving back to your profession, we are ready for you! Visit, the content expert page, here or email Jessica Rodriguez, Content Specialist for the Knowledge Library at jessica.rodriguez@ifma.org

We can’t wait to hear from you!

The Knowledge Library Team


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