March 2021 Content Feature: Technology

This month's featured content is Technology. Learn how technology and future trends are changing and advancing our facilities, and what you can do to improve facility operations.

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The Future of Technology in Facility Management: Today's Differentiators are Tomorrow’s Best Practices
As leaders of commercial real estate’s technology evolution, facility professionals must harness data generated by buildings to operate them as efficiently as possible. The growing landscape of technology solutions can be overwhelming to navigate when it comes to choosing the right vendors. This session provides a roadmap to selecting the most effective building technology partners for your enterprise, as well as strategies to adapt existing business models to leverage emerging solutions.

Defining High Performance Buildings for Operations and Maintenance
This research synthesizes literature about high performance buildings with a focus on O&M, concluding that systems-thinking (for both building systems and organizational systems) is necessary for successful high performance building operation.

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The Leadership Toolbox for Technology Implementation and Adoption
Key concepts taken from over 500 case studies of technology implementation and adoption will be presented. The right way to use change agents, to communicate the change, how to train, how to measure adoption, and how to minimize and manage resistance will all be discussed. Leading the adoption of innovation the right way allows the full value of a technology to be realized across the organization.

How Mobile and AI are Transforming Facilities Management
In this whitepaper, readers will learn how to solve the biggest problem facing facilities management today - fugitive information. And how current technology can transform facilities information.

Six Suggestions for Managing Retiring Facility Worker Transitions
To help fill in the knowledge gap between retiring workers and next-generation staff, ARC Facilities has prepared this list of helpful suggestions to ease transition bottlenecks.

Leveraging Elevator IoT to Unlock Your Building's Potential
While remotely monitoring elevators and escalators in not new, leveraging the internet of things (IoT), cloud technology, big data analytics and machine learning will take the capabilities to another level. With the introduction of cloud computing and big data analytics, the data can now be more easily be aggregated and analyzed. Beyond predictive maintenance capabilities, IoT will provide building owners and property manager’s access to data which they have never had before.

Transcending Generations: How mobile is key to success in a multi-generational workforce
Finding, evaluating and implementing the right technology can be a challenge. Depending on the size of your workforce, the types of spaces you have, how agile your workforce is, on top of cost, implementation time, and ROI - there are a lot of considerations to take into account when selecting the technology that will enable your employees in your modern workplace. This presentation discusses key decision factors for choosing the right technology and best practices in technology implementations and integrations.

Ep. 39: FM Technology Trends and Marketing | Katie King, MBA - Zoodikers
Katie King, MBA is our first guest from "across the pond" and she definitely is an "FM innovator"! Katie is Co-Founder of AI in FM and Founder of Zoodikers, a digital PR and social media marketing firm where she has helped to elevate the facility management profession. Mike Petrusky asks Katie about her background growing up in the UK, her favorite music artists, and strategies for marketing in today's FM world. They talk about the latest technology trends and workplace innovations.

Raising the Bar 3: From Operational Excellence to Strategic Impact in FM
This third installment in the ground-breaking "Raising the Bar" research series by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, published in collaboration with IFMA, makes a powerful case for how, as an industry, FM makes significant contributions to business success and organizational effectiveness. This research identifies the key issues facing the industry and offers ways FM can build recognition and understanding within the C-suite, among other business leaders and with related infrastructure groups.

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Creating the Next-Gen Collaborative Work Environment: A Cisco Case Study
"We will examine the trends that are driving the explosive growth of collaborative workspaces and share a practical approach for building a winning business case for technology. We will also show how space design, furnishings and technology come together to create more innovative and engaging places for people to work, and discuss the role standardization plays in eliminating complexity, reducing costs and driving adoption."

Data Integration: Building a Digital Ecosystem for FM Success

  • "Learning Objective 1: Identify challenges in addressing data integration and data aggregation issues for FM.
  • Learning Objective 2: Define the components of a digital ecosystem for real estate with applications for FM including utilizing data standards and data modelling to drive better outcomes.
  • Learning Objective 3: Provide insights on how to get started with an effective approach to data integration including the roles various types of facility solutions play in the digital ecosystem."

The making of a smart workplace How to phase scenarios for maximum impact
There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for IoT deployment in the workplace. It largely depends on business priorities. Nevertheless, in a first stage, organizations typically MONITOR parameters such as building occupancy, comfort, and employee happiness. The data is rendered on dashboards and heat maps to understand trends and support decision making. As a next step, the same data is frequently made available through interactive screens and mobile apps to ASSIST occupants in real time. In a further stage, organizations often use sensor data and smart apps to TRANSFORM the way their buildings are managed and serviced.

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FM Service Management: Technology Essentials for Each Generation
This moderated session features a panel of FM and technology subject matter experts from across North America in a discussion and debate. The dialogue will range across a series of topics important for FM today and critical for tomorrow, including leadership, cross-training, skill building, recruitment and the role of technology.

The Future is Now: Increase Your Contribution by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Buildings and Beyond
Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world as we know it, impacting various industries, jobs and even the economy. While AI allows computers to act, learn and adapt in a way that simulates human logic and judgment, there’s still a place for us. This session will explore AI technologies already making an impact, changing society and affecting your jobs. AI can increase the power of buildings by using the constantly changing data from meters, the utility, BMS’s, sensors, and connected equipment - and automatically respond to changing conditions in weather, occupancy, and equipment performance to save energy and increase comfort, enabling the building to become more responsive to the rapidly changing demands of tenants ranging from sustainability goals, to comfort requests, office layouts and technology driven amenities.


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