Featured Content for May: Operations and Maintenance

Operations and maintenance (O&M) may seem routine; but protecting life and property and ensuring optimal performance of your facility now and into the future is anything but humdrum. Browse O&M-related content for guidance on keeping your facility, its systems and equipment, and occupants/users safe, compliant and operating at peak efficiency.

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RICS: Strategic Facility Management Framework
Upgrading and Renovating Technology Services
Ep. 68 Workplace Experience Tools & Adopting FM Technology
COBie, from Design to Operations
The Struggle with Projects and Work Orders
Finance Issues in Operations and Maintenance
Using BIM to Transform Health Care Operations and Maintenance
Defining High Performance Buildings for Operations and Maintenance
Protecting Your Building: Blast Mitigation for Existing Facilities
Ep. 26: (Part 1) ADA Compliance for FMs | Brad Gaskins - McIntosh Group

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