Enhancing the Value of IFMA Credentials with Kristen Hurtado!

The Knowledge Library is excited to have a new webinar led by Kristen Hurtado, Engaging Member Companies to Improve the Value and Perceptions of IFMA Credentials. Kristen Hurtado is Assistant Region Professor at Arizona State University with over 8 years of experience executing value-based project management techniques and procurement technologies on construction projects to increase performance of outsourced services. 

The webinar is a must watch if you want to know what is the impact and value of IFMA credentials to your industry in 2 phases: for the individual earning the credentials and for the company. We know how valuable the information that was presented was for those who attended and for the FM profession as a whole that we had to add it to IFMA’s Knowledge Library for you to access at any time, as many times as you need!

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